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@therealpolo_kc WhY Do YOU ask? Whats up??
Thanks to everyone that I design and sew for
Orange & Kaleidoscope Create Solar Tent Concept -
RT @mrsdana It's amazing when strangers become the best of friends, but thinks it's sad when the best of friends become strangers.
RT @vogue_italia: Federico Poletti - Suggestions from Vogue Italia's contributing editors
When something goes wrong, it’s more important to decide who's going to start fixing things rather than thinking who's to be blamed for it.
Your imperfections are not scars to be erased but beauty marks to be embraced..making u unable to be replaced!
If u don't take the time to look at urself u will always point at others!
A real coward is someone who feels like they can't survive without constantly verbally attacking someone else.
When you are headed to the top associates will always try to latch on while your real friends will always give you a push!
Love doesn't give up on people,people give up on people!!!!
Most people are good at associating but horrible at friendships,you find this out when you really need a friend.
making an impression is different than trying to impress someone,one takes being you,the other takes compromising URSELF!
Just remember when you try to correct someone who is already right you just missed the whole point!
the life you live is your's no one else is gonna live it for you so make sure you do it right !
When you give your best you can expect the best!!!
I have to say i love life itself
We All must Walk, Talk & Thank God Every Day Not Just On ThanksGiving & it'll make World A Better Place ❤♢❤ #USA
New web site will be showcased here on my Twitter Page
Please ReTweet >> RT @ClothesDesigner Walk, Talk & Thank God Every Day Not Just On ThanksGiving & it'll make World A Better Place ❤♢❤ #USA

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