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@NEXTG3N3RATION @DevansVerse @hgtv Thank you!
RT @NEXTG3N3RATION: @clintmusic @DevansVerse @hgtv Congratulations. It's always nice to see people who genuinely care about music gaining s…
@diymusicbiz Nice! Time to reap the fruits of your labor!
Excited that the NFL & College Football seasons have started. New seasons, new placements! #musiclicensing
Had a track co-produced with my bro @devansverse placed on @hgtv yesterday. We did that joint…
Congrats to @diverse_kcox on winning the #CompleteTheBeat contest! Let's see if we can get this beat placed on TV! #musiclicensing
@diverse_kcox Congrats!! We'll be in touch.
This has been a dope contest! #CompleteTheBeat
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Are you committed to your goals?
Too much treble, mids or lows can easily destroy a mix in a song. Learn how to use each to compliment your mix.
If you do the work, the results will reflect tour effort.
RT @diymusicbiz: @clintmusic #ttm Si. publishers bring value to music. Has to be the right publisher of course. Then have a relative reclai…
RT @diverse_kcox: Yo hello!!! Vote KCox #musicproducer #fun #music #blessed #happy #challenge #push #iPhone8 #apple @clintmusic https://t…
Producers: of MJs records, Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad? Rate your best to best 1-3. #TTM
Among the arts where, in your opinion does music rank (paintings(art), film, theatre, etc.)? And do you feel it is under or over valued? TTM
@SkinnyKravitz Yeah, I'm an advocate for keeping are usually for a certain amount of years...or number o…
Getting back into the groove of things after the dopest family vacation ever! Found out me and…
Panning gives instr. their own space in a mix. Try keeping the kick, snare, bass, main keys and vox centered while panning everything else.
Producers: in today's music industry, would you sign a pub deal? Why or why not? #ttm

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