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@pontussorlin were you able to resolve this with support?
@tmsass following up to your earlier tweets - were you able to resolve this with support?
@ejfiii sorry for the delay. please see this forum thread for info
@ghh23 Sorry for the problems. It looks like you connected w/ support, let us know if you need anything else.
@mglacey a number of users are on 2013. see here for more info
@RananJonst not sure exactly what you're looking for, please post your question at
@look2digital In case you didn't find it already, it's on that page I linked - support@cc
@look2digital check and if you still have problems, email support from that page and we'll help you out.
@bignis see the bottom of step 1 on this page:
@_ExigentGerry excellent! you can find some helpful threads in our support forum for tips on using ClearContext w/ GTD
@RichieSteers thanks for the compliment! hope we helped you get a little closer to Inbox Zero!
@preventandcure please post on support forum and we'll try to help figure out what's going on. thanks!
@mickobizzle thx for request. autofile enhancements are definitely on the v6 roadmap. stay tuned for more info on that beta very soon.
@cindymeltz glad that worked. we have a faq section about the inbox monster let us know if you run into more problems
Starting to release details about upcoming v6 release on the blog!
@MyWeb4Ed sorry, this got lost in a sea of twitter spam. if you still have open issues, pls DM, thx.
@mglacey sorry, this got lost in a sea of Twitter spam. no specific plans at present, but open to any/all suggestions for v6.x releases
First of a few upcoming posts about upcoming v6 release and other product updates:
@HackerChick not yet, but on the roadmap. auto-suggest really shines when you get emails re: projects that haven't been active for a while!
@Marcel_Perform we're posting about a bunch of recent updates and upcoming improvements in the next couple of weeks!

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