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Putting the finishing touches on our annual 'Smoke on the Water' cigar cruise along lake michigan and under the fireworks - stay tuned.
Quite a bit of cigar action around Chi, despite the ban (informal smokes at Dana and CBOT, formals at Union League, smoke on the water, etc)
This account is on haitus until we bring on a new director. DM us if interested.
Amazing day for a Spring smoke? What's in your hands?
RT @letisdorock Looking for a place that sells good cigars in Berna, Switzerland. Any tips? Or, any websites that can give addresses?
Looking for someone to help run the club. Dm w/info.
Just picked up a Cigar in a bottle (Forbidden Fuente X in a bottle of Calvados)
We've got 2 extra spots left for our St Pat's evening smoker in Lakeview (private home). DM us if interested.
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. And if ya got 'em, let us know what you're smokin'!
Its almost HERF season. Got anything fun planned in your neck of the woods?
Have you join our FaceBook Group yet? (tisk, tisk if not)
@stvlnx1 wasn't sure at first, but they nailed it from concept to execution, esp. w/the Cameroon wrapper. Neat, 'little' concept!
RT @garyvee Yes i want to buy an WLTV ad on every wine blog in the WORLD, not just US, london/AUS/germany where u at?
Gonna meet Charlie Whelan (Naked Econ author and Candidate) at the University Club Cigar Society's event on Monday
Are you heading to the Big Smoke '09 at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods (w/us)
@cgars4Women please let us know the deets when you have 'em- love to help/attend
We're thinking of trying our hand at online poker - what's the best site/platform?
@kitmueller here here. And, up w/mini-skirts!
@Cigars4Women where are you guys based? We have women-centric cigar events throughout the year in Chicago - always welcome.
Are we facebook friends?

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