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@coreybass @hunterwalk augmented reality from 1991!
@coreybass @hunterwalk
@alexwilliams @hunterwalk
@coreybass @hunterwalk I have a page just like that!!
Wow, I miss © 2000
@kadavy @hunterwalk to whom?
@kadavy @hunterwalk sad that it's dead but it does seem true. Found a bunch of Nolan Ryan's.
@hunterwalk a few more
Striking gold going through my old baseball card collection! /cc @hunterwalk
@sarthakgh it's really about clear communication
My thoughts on Whole Foods Market Bot on @ProductHunt
@heathwblack YAARRGHHHHH
My brother sent me a palet of all my childhood things, including baseball cards. Found this. /cc @hunterwalk
Be safe out there. #ProjectGraham
The second coming of Howard Dean?
Wow wow wow
RT @sarthakgh: Always loved this definition of a "product person" by @semil @mgsiegler is really a good example of being one.…
Uninstalling an app is so much more absolute than merely muting a bot. #ConvComm
Next Wed 7/27 @ 10am PST join me & @agraebe to talk shop about the @UberDevelopers platform!

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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