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Just gunna leave this one here.
RT @frerejones: Official statement about the settlement:
@gruber by that you mean, not a surprise at all.
Wonder no more about use cases for hashtags! @Tagboard has a great showcase of top brands:
@ianpatrickhines fair points.
@ianpatrickhines I know. Trust me, I know. :\
@vinodkraju why duplicate the work? Google just has their head in the sand when it comes to social sharing.
@levelsio @SlackHQ @bradneuberg @alexhillman then again, seems like you're living it!
@levelsio @SlackHQ @bradneuberg @alexhillman I'm working on it. :)
Wine, cheese, comics. Ok. /cc remender gregtocchini @ Mission Cheese
@levelsio @SlackHQ @bradneuberg @alexhillman 9 years later. :)
RT @ProductHunt: #nomads: A chat community for digital nomads via @levelsio on @producthunt
@ianpatrickhines that's what the +1 button does for you. Sigh.
A @SlackHQ channel for digital #nomads: Sounds like: /cc @bradneuberg @alexhillman #coworking
Google Bookmark Manager makes me sad. It's late to the game, not social, and obviates +1.
@fromedome it really is so good.
@hnshah dude, screw you! Not only did you distract me, but that article has distractolinks embedded in it! >P
Extract data from a webpage — like what microformats were intended for: /cc @t
@netik @kevinmarks @hoverbird @vnaylon
RT @ekai: It's starting to look like riot-o-clock. Right before glass bottles thrown at cops & they then charged. 19t...…

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