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@kanter @scottyhendo WineCamp was an early attempt at that.
@waxpancake @hankgreen also because it was easy to type on T-9 keyboards.
RT @GoreVidaI: Every single powerful individual in the world today has been bought and commodified by some sort of capitalist institution.
Mozilla should give $5.5M to @joindiaspora just to keep things interesting.
RT @delectable: Working non-stop on 4.1 and then seeing this makes it all worth it!
RT @inboxbygmail: The second round of invites have left the building: check your Gmail. Didn't get one? Hang tight, more on the way. http:/…
@lcooney @mg I'm sure support'll be coming soon.
@KevinSMcArthur @DickHardt
@kevinsmcarthur what is U2F? /cc @dickhardt
@kevinsmcarthur it may be easy, but so is phishing email, or p0wning a URL. All digital identifiers are fragile. /cc @dickhardt
@kevinsmcarthur have you written up your thoughts on some where?
RT @GoogleDesign: Those first 41 tweets? A salute to our past, and a look toward our future. #41shades #4285F4
Is the phone number... “The Digital Identifier to Rule Them All?” /by @dickhardt #TwitterDigits
@LaurieSegallCNN hey thanks -- enjoyed our conversation! :)
@lauras @waxy loads of in-app purchases and themes?
Lol. @waxy called it (in an in-person conversation)! #ello raises $5.5M.
@mosjef @rsarver ...not to mention its mindshare and thought leadership in the marketplace.
@mosjef @rsarver but twitter actually needs 3rd parties to use its platform to grow its relevance to other industries.
@mosjef @rsarver if you have a platform, ideally people use it. Fortunate for Google, there's enough internal apps to justify its existence.
@_ericelliott @BenedictEvans I'm talking conceptually. Digits still sends you a secret that to play back to the OP.

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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