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@andreasklinger algorithms, man. Can't live with em. Can't make apps without em.
@bentossell 👋🏻🐱
Thanks Apple News!
@Bosefina so many layers. At least your family thinks you're clean? 😅
FR: a TV that pivots according to the video recorder's accelerometer, like for watching @periscopeco videos in the proper orientation.
@Bosefina you might inspire me!
Who, me?
Hmm... @Pinterest going after @Pocket, @instapaper, @ReadItLater et al?
@drwave I was considering buying it. I used to swear by Font Explorer but it no longer exists.
RT @ProductHunt: Steel Speaker: Wireless omnidirectional speaker by Joey Roth via @chrismessina…
@drwave well, @RightFontApp is on sale...
RT @bradhaynes: Check out some of the work we've been doing @lonelyplanet:
Now it's @lonelyplanet Destinations vs @airbnb Experiences? #travel
"My moral standing is lying down." @trent_reznor basically did @theweeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" in 1989
Guys, did you see @joeyroth is back at it with his forthcoming Steel Speaker?
@ixdiego I have a @tool station on @pandora_radio because otherwise I never hear their music!
@ixdiego wow, that's awesome! Any more details on this story online?
@ixdiego what is The Bicycle Music Company?

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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