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@LukyVJ agreed but that guy isn't on Twitter!
RT @SF_emergency: Please avoid areas of west-bound 10th & Mission, east-bound Mission & South Van Ness and north-bound 11th & Folsom due t…
Looking forward to a colorful evening exploring #DarkOrigins whisky -- follow along at @highlandpark
@jacobethanwhite @trammell @jimpoco preferably the root cause, not the symptom.
@shellen aauggghhhhhhhh. I remember when we had this problem on G+ and needed to add face detection to avoid boobsploitation.
RT @trammell: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. RT @jimpoco: This week's cover. Will post first thing in the morning. http://…
@ryanchris * cringe *
~@annaleen asks: Why do we prefer female digital assistants that sound submissive? #convcomm
Native advertising in @tumblr too... App install ads are clearly the new big business.
RT @digiphile: In other news, @Facebook is still the world's biggest social network. HT @DavidClinchNews http://t.c…
RT @NikkiElizDemere: I’m Nichole Elizabeth and this is how we roll at Product Hunt!: via @freshdesk…
@trulytg not in the least.
@bearroast did you try it?
RT @karenmcgrane: Oh wow! A new short documentary on Grace Hopper from @FiveThirtyEight:
@cjam that's the audio version, but the text version is linked from there.
@cjam did you read this story about what addiction comes from?
RT @TrulyTG: Yes, please! RT @Jezebel: @ChrisMessina and his penis star in a Sundance film

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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