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@richardallenhay also /via @gardaud
And @comiXology has my favorite @ImageComics on sale, including Saga, Lazarus, and East of West! /cc @itsDanielSuarez
RT @mims: Proportion of Americans living in cities (33%) was flat between 1940 and 2010. But now it's going up.
@gregcohn @ChrisSaad @kevinmarks @jsmarr @t can't comment on the tech specs, but it seems timely and beyond current IndieWeb concepts.
RT @gnip: Gnip joins the flock!
@plesko also my favorite part. :)
This "Get started with Lightroom mobile" page seems excessively complex. Two columns is one too many. #desktop
This is nuts, but totally explains so much: "Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach" /via @nprnews
@xpoxpo alas I leave tomorrow but will be back in May!
@missv4l thanks so much! It was awesome! :)
@JCCapelli great seeing you and I loved being introduced to @numaparis!
RT @JCCapelli: Just bumped into @chrismessina @numaparis, open source advocate + the guy who "invented" #barcamp, #hashtag,... Check http:/…
@gardaud editorially interesting, too!
RT @getsecret: Secret is coming to Android soon. Get on the list now:
RT @carouselapp: Introducing Carousel, the gallery from @Dropbox for all your photos and videos.
Aha! I knew @Dropbox would be taking on Gmail eventually...
RT @davidbyttow: FWIW, @getsecret is not affected by #heartbleed.
RT @coryvirok: Great tool for checking if your site is vulnerable to #heartbleed thanks @FiloSottile!
@bethdean I backed it on Kickstarter ages ago. Glad to see it all grown up! /cc @grandst
Fuuuuuuu..... "Massive Security Bug In OpenSSL Could Affect A Huge Chunk Of The Internet" /on @techcrunch

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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