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RT @verge: There are now #StarWars emoji on Twitter
@francoismat maybe I misunderstand? Are the URLs used for breadcrumbs, or microdata?
RT @benwerd: The full-stack employer
RT @youjindo: Yay! My documentary on digital nomads @nomadocumentary is featured on @Forbes 😍🎬
RT @youjindo: The digital nomad lifestyle is not a miracle cure for your life, let's stop selling it as one http://t…
RT @cdixon: Why Europe's Regulatory War Against Silicon Valley Will Backfire
RT @daniel_jacobson: "emotional intelligence distinguish the best leaders" -> How to Be Emotionally Intelligent
RIP URL literacy and hackable URLs. (Note the green text beneath the page titles):
@TheRealFuture @ed_lea it's an interesting question: is each approach better for their respective user bases? Are F & T substitutes?
@ed_lea guess you answered your own question! 😬 /cc @TheRealFuture
@TheRealFuture #unimind strikes again!
@TheRealFuture @weboesel @zeynep call it "BuzzReading". /cc @BuzzFeed
@TheRealFuture @weboesel @zeynep I do that. As a penalty, maybe the link should be stripped and just the title of the piece spreads. Lol
@TheRealFuture interesting. One of @Medium's KPIs is time spent reading, not clicks. What if Facebook used a similar metric?
@ed_lea is there only one future? /cc @TheRealFuture
@TheRealFuture it's all part of the #unimind.
RT @ThisIsFusion: This roboservant will learn how to make you coffee
Google and Yahoo! fought to index the past, Facebook and Twitter are fighting to index the present.
@weboesel @TheRealFuture @zeynep what about reshares? And, what, you don't trust the algorithm to know better than you what's important? :P

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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