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Can't wait to try out @forageco — grab early access here:
@ttrentham @seanbonner WUT. I WANT THAT. #HULKSMASH
@amanandhispc oh c'mon. Isn't it obvious? :P
@davemcclure #hatersgunnahate
You are the eyes and ears of the internet brain, which will soon enough see and hear all.
RT @verge: Watch this: designer imagines playful new look for Instagram based on Google's Material Design http://t.c…
@flyosity @_erica #gross
@mg did you get this limited edition glass version? I have a couple plastic cups and they're great. Unsure about glass though.
RT @EllnMllr: The current Congress had enacted 142 laws, the fewest of any Congress in the past 2 decades.
@nyactor @andreas212nyc @gov @katies you can't target your tweets to a specific list though. Like, you can't use a Twitter list as an ACL.
@andreas212nyc @gov @katies so you want Google+'s Circles in Twitter?
Hmm, this KeepCup Brew, Limited Edition Cork is purty. #Coffee
RT @foursquare: Coming soon in the all-new Foursquare: Expertise
RT @qhardy: NYTimes backs repeal of marijuana laws, including for that crappy Mexican shake they got overcharged for in college…
RT @Wordie: Y Combinator's @sama on diversity and startups:
@andreas212nyc @gov @KatieS is anyone doing that already? Can you give me an example?
@jennihogan @BabakasPizza maybe # is male and @ female? Or maybe they'd prefer not to disclose. #sensitivetopics
Is Apple's CDN really called the iBone?
The new @Wunderlist 3.0 looks slick.
Bespoke! @TrunkClub now in @Nordstrom's bag: /cc @Techmeme #acquisitions

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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