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@shelisrael brings new meaning to "Blue Screen of Death".
@DanielleMorrill @rrhoover @johnolilly weird? Who's calling me weird??
@Veronica lol! I have an Internet spigot hooked into my cerebral cortex. Welcome to the Matrix. 😎
If you offer a developer API, please don't wait 6 hours to refresh your API cache. /cc @bigoven
@startupljackson au contraire, this is what pets are for.
@startupljackson long term, it also doesn't really make sense to automate home occupation.
Awesome visual retelling of the strife in #ferguson. /by @mollycrabapple #JusticeForMikeBrown
Woman charging her phone in parking garage. #VSCO
RT @iOlovesyou: Just did an interview/lesson for School of Doodle. If you don't know what it is, be sure to check it out. Here is... http:/…
@NJOwen oh for sure. Somewhere there's a spec that outlined password requirements without considering the entire risk profile.
A well-written explanation why open sourcing a failed startup isn't always the right answer. /by @nirvdrum
RT @nodenpm: pubsubhubbub (0.4.0): PubSubHubbub subscriber
@limi @sayrer literally like that.
@b3gl true. Fucking Oracle.
Dear @CoveredCA: nice web design. Tax dollars well spent.
So cogent: "Google is … the world’s first information-first conglomerate." /by @johnbattelle via @rklau
#Facepalm. @CoveredCA requires a super-secure password and then asks for a 4-digit pin + 5 security questions. Just fucking adopt 2-factor.
@voxbaryton ok. Why?
RT @mezzoblue:
@lukesbeard fixed it.

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