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Take the barber out of the barbershop? Fortunately the @ProductHunt community isn't that cynical! /cc @rushkoff
@kane @mscccc that's what I thought... And I don't need advanced features.
So weird. Speed test on my iPhone 6 Plus: LTE, 5GHz Wi-Fi, WiFi. Crazy upload on non-5GHz!
@nmatares AirPort Extreme.
@kane @mscccc AirPort Extreme doesn't do N?
@nmatares hook me up! Happy to be a Guinea pig! :)
@mscccc that's what I've got!
@dburka bon voyage. Hope you find what seeks you!
@Soulseedzforall @dteare make it an em dash.
Uhhhhh, wait, is this what #NewTwitter is going to be like?! OH MY GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE #RIPTwitter
@bradfitz I have, some time ago, over Noe Valley. So weird.
@ray_deck at least one of them.
@darrellsilver K. Lemme try.
Twitter should do more frequent massive subtle changes to get people tweeting! #RIPTwitter > Beyoncé > #GOPDebate
@darrellsilver not 5GHz. Perhaps I should try that?
All I did was plug my old Mac Mini into an ethernet-connected switch, and boom, 4x improvement!
This may not surprise you, but there is quite a difference between wired and Wi-Fi connections. /cc @Webpass
Also, time is an illusion. We think it flows continuously, but really our minds drop stuff all the time. AUTOMAGICALLY. #RIPReality
I remember the days when the Google+ feed went from chronological to personalized. People lost their shit then too.

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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