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RT @TheRealFuture: NASA and America Makes jointly launched a competition to design a 3D-printed home for astronauts on Mars.…
RT @GloriaDawson: Such a cool company!
@jeffreyvelaz22 I have no idea what that means.
@paribusco my biggest issue was filling out the signup forms on Chrome for iOS. Zooming didn't work very well.
@chrisjdavis well, it's a hedge against the future most likely. ☺️
@jhyu i think Google least used that number.
Love this idea: automatically track your purchases for price drop automatic refunds:
RT @obviousvc: Today we're celebrating the number 123,456,789 ;-)
@arjunram not that integrate with @SlackHQ. I just command-shift-4 then control-command-shift-v into Slack.
@jeffreyvelaz22 #YoureWelcome
@lukechesser 👊🏻
RT @lukechesser: Thanks to @chrismessina for curating last week's @unsplash collection.
@dhemley weird. But also pretty sweet.
RT @Blakei: Lunchtime Read: "Modern Polymaths - Silicon Valley's full-stack employees" by @chrismessina…
@lailatov thanks for a great evening of conversation! #burnthechurches
RT @getrhombus: “Conversational commerce” by @chrismessina
The Original, Resonant, Existentially Brilliant “Mad Men” Finale (via @Pocket)

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Agent of Free Will. I work at Google and invented the #hashtag. I am not an actor.

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