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RT @cdixon: We aren't lacking STEM majors. We are lacking experts in computer science who are both creative and technical.…
@trisignia yup. Pretty stellar. :)
SNL takes on @serial. Genius.
@ryan @miekd @iamkory this a fundamental breakdown in democracy and human decency, if you ask me. #teamamerica
@miekd @iamkory @ryan
@iamkory @miekd @ryan not that it's a competition buuuuttttttt…..
@miekd wow, it's a party! Is it premature to blame N Korea? /cc @ryan @iamkory
@ryan I'm seeing the same thing. /cc @iamkory
@EstherCrawford you never know what kind of problems they may have in that category too. :P
@iamkory have you been to on Valencia?
@iamkory I haven't, so that may help. But if you can do an audio test in person first before dropping 1G, I'd recommend it.
@esthercrawford better/worse than sex?
RT @withoutgorms: He's making a database, He's filtering twice SELECT * FROM customers WHERE behaviour = Nice Santa Clause is Coming to to…
@iamkory I love the design of the Joey Roth speakers but agree that the sound quality is less than desired. The B&o is a better product IMO.
@semil @thetylerhayes define your 8-10 core actions.
RT @MaxBlumenthal: Two NYPD patrolmen shot dead execution style; gunman commits suicide in subway station:
@thetylerhayes @BuyWithFetch is the closest thing I've seen that proves this. The buy button will be replaced with a "send message" button.
@thetylerhayes not unimaginable. In fact, that's probably why so much money is pouring into messaging. It'll become conversation commerce.
More sites should follow @Kinja and accompany privacy policy updates with release notes:

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