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@shanemac @paul__walsh you’re building a new company in 2017: your ethics matter, IMNSHO.
@shanemac @paul__walsh just because something’s been going for a while doesn’t make it any more ethical or right.
@tzhongg but that’s to assist you, personally. Fin. is an extension of you. Or do they share your contacts w/ others on the service?
@paul__walsh yeah @shanemac , you’re cool with me sharing your deets? (it’s not just email, right, it’s your entire contact card?)
RT @arstechnica: New Pruitt e-mails surface, automakers ask EPA to soften fuel economy rules by @MeganGeuss
My thoughts on Elucify on @ProductHunt
My thoughts on Instagram Carousels on @ProductHunt cc @mikeyk
@peterkringdon I like Dropbox, just somewhat less powerful than Drive. Lots of improvements lately though!
@meretebuljo @olivez @geoffreyht thanks! And, if I knew that, well… comfort/familiarity w/ tech is a big driver though, i.e. Snap Spectacles
@cameradam_ it depends on the company and their strategy, but faceless corporateness is pretty antagonizing in contrast to faciness.
Dropbox does have a nice, clean aesthetic at least, even when upselling.
Twitter is almost taking on Intercom in the customer service arena. Superficially, anyway. /tip @techmeme #bots
RT @GroupeLaPoste: "Nous vivons dans un monde d'AB Test où plusieurs versions d'un produit existent simultanément" @chrismessina #innovatio…
@meretebuljo @olivez @geoffreyht what’d you guys think? Any questions? :)
Oh wow. Sure, why not 3D map the face of the VR user to the outside of their headset…?
RT @toddbarnard: .@NASAClimate: Co2 at unprecedented high level of 405.25 ppm
RT @JoshConstine: Instagram attacks Snap Stories again + tries to normalize swiping through carousel ad posts by opening them to users http…
RT @GroupeLaPoste: A 17h30, le #LabPostal2017 met le cap à l’Ouest avec @chrismessina et @MONIKABIELSKYTE via Skype ! #disruption https://t…
RT @landbookgallery: Guys, the new Land-book is now on @ProductHunt 🎉 Woop woop! Please vote 🙏 P.S. Thanks @chrisme…
Thanks Uncle Goog... I mean, @Webpass!

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