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@davepermen @BrandonLive "registering a number with Digits does not create a "shadow" Twitter account."
@NYTFridge oops, yes. Missing a word. :)
@rsarver it also didn't grok #mobilefirst, even though that was the internal mantra. And it fumbled Internet Identity. Need I say more?
@rsarver mostly thinking about simplicity, clarity, value, and timeliness. The G+ platform (IMO) wanted to be useful, but know how to be.
@davepermen @BrandonLive as I understand it is independent from Twitter. FB Auth is not independent from Facebook.
For some reason I can't but read Twitter's Fabric as an unintentional indictment of the Google+ platform.
@davepermen @BrandonLive true, but not for third party auth.
@krisbulman probably create McDonalds.
“[The Deinocheirus mirificus is] deeply weird — way weirder than we thought it was."
@sperte if you're in the Twitterverse rather than the Facebook or Google realms, it does.
@sperte ideally that link would be intercepted and take you into the native app, rather than the browser.
It was a good solution, just too slow and out of band to work. Push/SMS doesn't take the user out of their flow.
Also, #TwitterDigits doesn't kill the password. At all. It just replaces it with an OTP via SMS. We did this with email back in the day.
I'm fascinated by #TwitterDigits. If you can't own the email ID, why not try the phone number?
RT @LaughingSquid: Satellite Fonts, An Alphabet Composed of Buildings From Google Maps Imagery
Brainfart: “Messaging is the new OS”. The file-based OS is over. Everything is real-time I/O filtered through APIs and node graphs. #TWAOF
RT @rsarver: Huge congrats to the whole Twitter team on a successful @Flight. Amazing how far it's come and great to see a serious engageme…
@ryan talk to @beriberikix.
@ryanchris well, they're trying to at least.

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