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Is your job at risk of being taken over by a robot?
Great post, Alex Cresswell!
Detroit vs Silicon Valley? This is a perspective that will shock many people! Worth a read...
Excited to see what Reid Hoffman does next, whatever it is it will stay true to LinkedIn's mission and vision.
"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow." - Ruper...
"If employment brand and candidate experience are on your to-dos for this year, start with experience. "
SAP's big bet on social selling on the Linkedin platform is paying off..
Graduating with no job? It’s not the end of the world
Despite evidence of increases in decision-makers, the majority of deals are still hanging on by a single relation...
There's a New Best City in America for Startups (It's Not in Silicon Valley)
BCG ranks the world's most innovative companies, striving to transform the world. Proud to see Microsoft at #4.
Talent Acquisition Manager - Nursing - Baylor Scott & White Health
Leverage your downtime to invest in your network. 👍🏾
One employee sharing 3 items of content a day can add up to 23 million in additional organic reach in one year.
Always a good reminder - carve out time to continually update you profile!
#6 More social media marketing - "Social media should be personalized - it’s not too hard to accomplish."
Research says, "It’s clear that LinkedIn is the best platform on which to share company culture content."
This post defines employee advocacy and why your company should embrace it.
How do you differentiate your employer brand and stand out from the pack?

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