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ITV London News: "Here's part of a story. Go to our Facebook page to find out the rest." Clickbait bollocks.
RT @WaftyCrank: Q - The Eddie Stobart lorry 'Tammy' was named after which country and western singer?" A - "Dolly Parton?" Jesus wept. #…
It's hardly a "row" when you ask FIFA if you can wear poppies on the pitch and they say no because it's political. @itvnews Who was rowing?
Everything the UK media has lied about re the EU over the last few years: #factsmatter
Good to see Micheal Gove back lying on the TV again. He has absolutely no shame. Or any grasp of international economics.
If a few people posting on Twitter about a TV show can "break the Internet", the Internet wouldn't exist. Please stop it @GMB.
RIP Pete Burns. You span me round in the 80s.
@analiensaturn chatted on Gary a few weeks ago when I first reappeared on here. He seems well. Good to hear from you both.
@analiensaturn just restarted using Twitter, mainly to complain about the amount of crap in the UK media :-) Living in Portugal now.
Is it ok for your child's tantrum to disrupt a whole cafe cos you're selfishly trying to prove a point? No. @GMB Source: am parent.
@analiensaturn hey. All good. How's you and the family?
Clearly Southgate is a genius and now we're gonna win the next World Cup!
RT @Queen_UK: Diane Abbott has been promoted to shadow Home Secretary. Who says Corbyn has no sense of humour? 😂
The UK government cares about you. No, not you peasants. You, fracking orgs who want to rape the countryside and line our pockets. We care.
Why should you get an award for going to school?
The media interest in Theresa May's shoes.. "Hey, it means I can buy more shoes." Maybe she's slightly human after all.
Why the hell is some fat-arsed US "celebrity" being robbed the no.1 news item on UK news? Pretty sure there must be real news out there.
May reckons she's going to trigger article 50 by the end of March. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The Independent weighs into the great immigration debate.
So, according to @GMB, anyone who likes Jeremy Corbyn is an "activist", not a voter. Nice impartiality there.

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