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@GovLiquidation I bet 40mm fired aluminum would work great for that.
Put high gain 4g antenna on mobile router, always on via solar/battery, got fixed IP, bridged to dd-wrt... internet off grid! #stoked
It's fun taking care of tech people and hearing all the stuff they are doing related to Black Friday, busy bees.
@searchsleuth999 I meet them but they go elsewhere, as we prefer. :)
@lauriepercival Deutsch L.A. are my peeps, we love them! :)
RT @Slate: What happened when Pizza Hut asked a bunch of old Italian people to judge its pizza:…
@TimBiden I've met many people holding out to get well while waiting for an insurance payout that never comes.
It's OK to get well after an accident, the financial gain of permanant disability is over rated.
@trabit Perl gets no respect.
@TheNextCorner Just what's in my stream, like SEO is dead, interesting to see who sides with who.
@TheNextCorner The uber battle.
Some days twitter has the best drama, today is one of those days. #fly
@JoannaLord Don't waste a drop.
@BarbaraBoser @TheNextCorner "People who have poorer posture often have poorer physical and emotional health." I see it too often.
@ireckon @Pamela_Lund That's a good password but missing a number. :)
Received a random Christmas card from Hong Kong.
So many choices in mini PCs, cool things in little packages.
Did Thanksgiving shopping at Costco today, not even a line at checkout, ready to go.
@sugarrae I think we all get those, no possible way to help everyone and not have it affect day to day business, saying no is essential.
@steveplunkett Those look like lottery numbers.

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