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@blafrance @graywolf I've been using the CI since it's easy to clean (heat & oil) and no handles to melt when on fire.
@graywolf It was good, iron fortified.
@graywolf Did I mention I got another lodge pan? Also made an apple pie in the dutch oven.
@LisaBarone Haha, so true.
@scottcowley Apparently, I got to experience the opposite of Costco Return Service. :)
Got treated like a shoplifter while returning an item at Walmart today, bizarre experience.
@localseoguide The poor seo that finally convinced his client to add that tag just yesterday.
@johnandrews @graywolf They are probably grown on a farm somewhere.
Once again Google proves that procrastination isn't always a bad thing.
@graywolf When I visited the googleplex the googlers were like 18 years old, I have websites older than them.
@graywolf What was the only reason? I missed it.
@TheNextCorner Zombie Apocalypse. Battery powered tools in case I have to saw up the bodies.
@lorenbaker So don't schedule any client meetings and instead relax a few days.
Don't wait until the last minute to make appointments around holidays, doctors take vacations too.
@TheMan They put kool aid directly into the water supply, good luck.
@TheMan Where are you moving too?
@btabke We love beer buying pubcon sponsors! Reminds me to run more from until October. :)
@sdenike I'll check those out as well, looking to hardwire most of my lighting.
@TheFrosty Very cool, could certainly put a couple of those to use.

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