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Hey @jennykutner Thank you for the photo credit in your Christy Mack article
Had another patient tell me they quit facebook as a way to reduce stress, good move imo.
@netmeg Well I appreciate it, I usually don't find out till someone messages me.
@netmeg Yup, I hadn't heard the news, sad. I like seeing Salon doing it right.
@netmeg Recent news? I like photo credit. :)
I've been using tie downs for years, today I discovered I was doing it wrong. #olddog #NewTricks
@sdenike My wife is beginning to get annoyed, told her I'd be adding a lot of toys, she refers to it as junk. :)
A side view with the doors off. #4x4
@bhartzer I do. :) BTW, that's a diesel mule, custom built for DOD, it is sweet.
My latest acquisition has driver and passenger side rifle scabbards. #neat
RT @blafrance: 3 Ideas Your Business Should Steal From Effective Remote Teams
I've been searching new topics for 6+ months and majority of results are thin content, the SEO world got suckered.
If you are submitting the same content to multiple sites, it's not an article, it's a press release.
@johnandrews I've seen quite a few terms lately "autocorrected" to something other than the exact match I was seeking.
Crazy day of hauling, I have a new appreciation for full time truckers.
@johnandrews I got to preview it, take photos, check components, etc. I'll post photos after it's home.
Tomorrow I get to pick up my all-terrain tactical vehicle thanks to DOD Reutilization. #biggerthanabigwheel
Dog stolen in store parking lot, store manager not interested in reviewing security cam footage. wtf? #LosAngeles
Here's to a terrific weekend! #cheers
A lot more people using uber to get to/from the office. I like it.

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