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@djpaisley Thanks, still eating cake.
So excited that we may get rain this weekend, finally can test our updated rainharvesting system, tanks are dry and empty.
@MichelleRobbins Thank you!
Best tool belt ever!
@ChiroLoop No sacrifices, I'm looking for something to eat weeds that doesn't require much food/fuel.
So many goats it's hard to choose.
Never fails that I find old locks and no keys, until I throw the locks away.
@joehall I just go into the garden with a beer. :D
@joehall Thanks! First time I got one, figured if I only drink one beer it should be a 64oz.
@Skitzzo Huge difference from when we got started but a long way to go. Winter will be a challenge.
@TimBiden Thanks, great so far.
@Skitzzo thanks, I'm celebrating with a beer.
@searchsleuth999 I think drivers coming out of carpool lane don't see riders splitting carpool/fast lane, that's what I see most.
@searchsleuth999 I've seen at least 6 motorcycle related accidents on my route, near all within a 2 mile stretch of highway.
@netmeg Haha, that's a neat one.
@searchsleuth999 Rock candy special ordered.
@TheNextCorner Hundreds of photos are in wikimedia commons so I don't have clear stats, then there's the google images issue. :)
@DavidWallace This year I'm in my rancher hat on the ranch feeding pumkins to deer.
@TheNextCorner Surprisingly no, it's the things you don't think get traffic that get the most traffic. :)

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