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Local market closing and having 50% off sale, was tough to pass up the whiskey aisle.
@ScottVann If we're lucky we'll get a drizzle of rain in the next 24 hours.
@ScottVann Not quite, we're still at it, but great day so far. :)
@dannysullivan So you can have the day off to rollerblade Newport Beach and take photos of the sunset?
Mid to high 70s in LA through the weekend, looks like winter is near over.
@cesarserna I bought hundreds on ebay, and making custom length cat5 cables.
Oh the satisfaction of neatly organized cables.
@JoeRega Good point, I'm curious to see how the new batteries work out.
Hawaii’s Solar Push Strains the Grid
People are still bringing holiday treats, no average person could eat all these cookies.
@SEOAware eBay, from US.
Another damaged parcel arrived today, happening far too often.
@dr_pete If cron fails, blame whoever scheduled the jobs. No pressure. :)
Hey @Venice311 someone is missing a bike this morning, found in alley off ocean avenue.
Like clockwork, the calls from New Years fitness injuries are mounting.
RT @SEOAware: Hacked and Completely Unaware by @JeremyRiveraSEO - he wants your thoughts, so please chime in!
Wrapping up first 2015 week in office. Excited that we're off to a great start. Thanks to all who helped make that happen.
@TheNextCorner Time for more kids?
@RyanJones Check around for apartment fridges, harder to come by but perfect for 1-2 people.
@drbrentchiro Thanks Dr. Brent!

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