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@izacmann @Venice311 Looks like my place until I put up fence/gate on each end, a worthwhile investment.
In a time of texts and tweets, a wall of holiday cards still rocks.
@localseoguide Sweet!
@ScottVann Moz was a sponsor.
@brianclark Filmed independently on a budget, huge critical/financial success.
@FordService I saw them on display today at my local harley davidson dealer, no time to drive yet.
@FordService Yup, I'm always truck shopping. :)
Tainted steroids caused worst outbreak of fungal meningitis in U.S. history
@atlas Nice but anything I get will be diesel and at least F250, I'm requiring towage over speed.
@TimBiden I'll get my wife to assist, she has a great chiropractor. :D
@TimBiden I'm digging trenches to catch more rainwater next week, plenty of outdoor work to do. :)
Just received a damaged monitor via UPS, way to kill the anticipation of weekend setup.
@IncrediBILL I can see amazon building their own, and I'd welcome it.
Our rain harvesting reaching 1000+ gallons, may be double that by this time next week. Woo Hoo!
Misplaced my phone somewhere a week ago and now aware I haven't needed it. #loveit
RT @LAAirportPD: DON'T DO LOOPS AT LAX! Use Cell Phone Waiting Lot at 96th St and Vicksburg.Park free, wait for call, then pick up! http://…
@Matt_Siltala Terrific, been quite a journey so far. The rain has been welcomed but I find I'm sun reliant.
When you rely on the sun for power, these short days are very noticable. #offgrid
@tonykatz All you need now is a cigar.
LAUSD bans use of antibiotic-treated chickens in school meals

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