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Have a great weekend! Be safe and have fun.
@dr_pete Shake ups are good.
Happy Canada Day! "Everything is going to be alright" #flickr
Why Millions of Chinese-Made Solar Panels Sat Unused in Southern California Warehouses for Years
Happy almost Canada Day!
RT @dannysullivan: Nice #USA wins, on to the finals!
RT @DavidWallace: Made in the USA: Why Manufacturing Should Return to America [Infographic]
@Skitzzo Nice combos, I have to buy more cereal.
@Atlas Was wondering since I do it often. I'll take something sweet and mix it with something a bit healthier, or at least less sweet.
Do you ever mix 2 or more brands of cereal into one bowl?
Random thought: Is the US mail-order bride business now a mail-order spouse business?
@refriedchicken Nice setup, I have the redneck version.
@chriswinfield Peace to you and family, Charlie will be missed.
@DangerFourpence @andrewdobrow Maybe that's Dio Diddy.
@dereuter Yup. not in the office until 3pm and already went to see my chiropractor. :)
Went 4th of July bbq shopping and could not resist starting today.
@ABC7 Nearly 1000 Runners get Mud Runs after Mud Run!
RT @ABC7: Nearly 1,000 runners sick with suspected Norovirus after mud run in southeast France
Summer is not a race to September. Calm down, take a break, enjoy yourself, chill out.

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