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Happy Birthday to still-a-kid @neilpatel !!! Thanks to @lorenbaker for the reminder.
80% chance of rain tomorrow, hoping for a big harvest.
@ireckon If I get an Aussie vehicle I reckon I'll do that. :)
@scottcowley Maybe the Fountainhead if you haven't read/heard it already.
Patient brought me a denogginizer IPA for after work. 😀
@Staines @lorenbaker I got a camera with a mic so I can yell "hey bear, get out of my pool" If there's any video, I'll post it for sure.
@norcross I may just switch to that, don't use it enough for monthly billing.
Have you tried using a prepaid data card for a wifi hotspot? Looking to dump monthly verizon and switch to prepay.
@graywolf Not just great weather, nearly no mosquito bites.
RT @Venice311: Todays shooting happened at 2:30 p.m. 3359 Mentone. Blue / Black Dodge Ram fled scene high rate of speed w bunch of cleaning…
Patients have been loving the case of Luna Bars we were sent, almost gone.
People still shooting each other on streets of Venice/Culver City, sad.
Researching ways to keep bear out of our swimming pool. Setup a motion cam so we can watch him.
@TomRoyce 100 watt, fit great on a full size (50 inchish) tool box. I'll take pics when I've cleaned it up.
I thought I saw a site for one way rides to places like Santa Barbara from Los Angeles, going to get my truck.
RT @brianclark: How to Become an Expert in Any Topic -
Mounted a solar panel to truck tool box for full time tool charging/wifi router power, should have done this long ago.
RT @Venice311: $5000 Reward For Info Leading To Arrest Of Sea Lion-Nappers
@seanhecking @selenavidya Using that site, I like high back mesh chairs. Prefer you can try them first though.
@SEOAware and going heavy on the cologne/perfume is no alternative.

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