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@scottclark Business owner appears to contradict himself since they claim to get business due to poor work of others.
@Skitzzo @jennita Maybe it's just me but the terms Masters and Heavyweights don't help much.
RT @NBCLA: Virginia business owner sues Google, others for $8.4 million over search engine results
Girl at DMV with 17 parking tickets asks "I have to pay them?"
@ZaneDeFazio Think last one I did was 2010, 2+ a year up until then.
Still have my 2006 original 1st Wordcamp t-shirt, maybe someday it will be a collectors item.
@steveplunkett In the image silly, they had they http:\\ vs http://
@steveplunkett http:\\
Are there consumer dromes that can travel 1/4 mile from operator with an auto return home feature?
@steveplunkett That url won't resolve. :)
@cRaMpSsMaCkS I'll see what I can do. :)
Choose not to put candy out in office this year, nobody has noticed/commented.
RT @GeekDesk: Would you be more productive, or just feel like a hamster? < I LOVE it!
Next thing to go is the fax machine, just say no to attorneys who don't/can't accept pdf files.
@djpaisley @dr_pete I'm itching to rebuild it all.
@dr_pete I had a fixed IP for a long time, too expensive. Found the dynamic IPs only change about once a year, works for me.
Is everybody's business phone/internet service crazy expensive or just mine?
@GregGifford I suppose if your acting career is not going well, seek other methods of income.
@AnnieCushing I go through that with camera equipment, hopefully @blafrance is at my destinations with a t-shirt. :)

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