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Local search guru selling "legal and perfectly ethical loop-hole that gets long term 1st page google rankings" seo.
A rough day to be a dentist.
@Atlas People fall for that often, sadly it's good income.
I love that pilots from around the globe are coming to see us. LAX has been a good neighbor.
I remember when summer meant riding around all day on a bicycle exploring, amazing the driving parents do for kids today.
@searchsleuth998 @graywolf forums ftw! I find stuff deep in there too. Part numbers, manual links, etc.
@norcross @searchsleuth998 I did settle for amazon (for one filter) so I can get the job done. Sure some local shop has them though.
@searchsleuth998 Just went through that at lunch seeking an oil filter for a tractor.
RT @searchsleuth998: I need a specific product. Who sells it near where I am now? There's no way to know. Basic need, serious fail.
To everyone that quit smoking this year: Congratulations! (and thanks for not smelling up my shirts)
Finding I prefer my Dodge Ram over my Ford or Chevy for hauling, but I have to hand crank the windows.
Thanks @Percival @JasonHirschhorn I know several, depends on what area you're visiting.
You know you're older when "oldies hits" are songs you grew up on.
@GregGifford Good for business. :)
@TheNextCorner You can likely do 30-55 gallon barrels that don't affect structure, available on CL for under $50.
@TheNextCorner Yup, and hoping el nino predictions come true, I prefer no raods over no rain. :)
4 days after floods and roads still closed, getting to put 4x4 to good use. #kern
@norcross In that case I won't use it to wipe grease off my keyboard. :)

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