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RT @GregGifford: For reals, y'all - You don't wanna miss my Local SEO presentation after lunch. 93 movie references AND tons of great Loca…
Good posture begins with a decision, one you can make today.
@TheGonzoSEO I like searching microfiche when I get to the downtown library, been a while.
@Skitzzo I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better.
@netmeg But do you dwell on it all day? Think I'm moving into the "get off my lawn!" stage of my life.
Nearly every doc I spoke with over weekend has discontinued accepting insurance, I see a trend.
@johnandrews I do remember those, feels like more than 20 years since I've used them.
What were we searching with 20 years ago? Gopher, Archie, WebCrawler?
@sugarrae Haha, this is out of character for me. :)
Every get angry about something trivial and have it consume your entire day?
@graywolf Bag of fish gets less goldfish.
I just got back from Vegas, which reminds me that Pubcon is coming.
Let the March Madness begin!
6 billion dollars in breast cancer donations each year. - Oneil
Dear God, Keep on using me, until you use me up.
Happy hour ftw!
Best stop in Vegas.
@dr_pete @kristy I have pull up bars at the ranch, free chiropractic after the SEO Fitness Challenge. :)
@dr_pete Sweet, that would likely be a near SEO fitness record.
Friend (and good chiropractor) looking to open a new office nearby, looking forward to helping him get rolling. #CulverCity

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Chiropractic | Chiropractor | Heh there, glad to see your back. Yes, I'm a Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). I also enjoy SEO, Photography, NFL, and my Family.

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