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@johnandrews Welder in the family, and I'm sharpening my own skills as well.
Shipping containers arrive tomorrow, the off-grid office becomes a reality.
I never really thought how heavy water was until I had to haul it. A 1/2 ton truck only carries about 110 gallons.
A lot of people ask me about the expense of solar, it's less costly than most think.
@graywolf Cool, I have all the materials to make one of those.
A view of the outdoor shower we built over weekend. Uses solar to power battery/pump.
@seanhecking Nope, it's in the shade of an oak tree, even waters the tree while showering.
Built an outdoor solar powered shower this weekend, will post pics, works awesome.
5 fwy closed where? #LosAngeles
Cheers to the weekend!
For those that dress well for work: Do you ever get mistaken for management when shopping?
@joehall That is yet to be determined.
@joehall Wiring electrical and maybe photographing a bear. Oh, and eating hot dogs.
@TimBiden Didn't make sense, car remains in same spot.
Stranger last night asked me if I'd drive them in their BMW home as they were too drunk to drive, suspected scam, offered to call cab.
Walked by the Google Venice offices today, hadn't noticed the high fences before.
@KenEricksonDC I didn't look outside, seems our office is under flight path for wherever potus is going once in LA.
@TheMan Article reads as if they are still in underwear and at large.

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