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@AndrewWarner Curious so I looked up the numbers, looks like steady decline since 1995.
@mikegracen Didn't realize I had so much style, even wore a tie (likely a clip on).
RT @NBCLA: New study says motorcycle lane splitting is relatively safe
@Venice311 The scrap guys probably can't fit that in their trucks.
@graywolf @MichelleRobbins I like the watch, especially if I get to speak into my wrist.
@BarbaraBoser Haha, leftover beer does not exist in my fridge.
Ever see someone knowingly drop their trash on floor in a business? Do they do that at home?
Mom just sent this photo of me in a suit. #70s
@jloomstein @YumiliciousNews Those are happy faces.
RT @gcaprio: I get it, things are hard, but life is hard. Blaming everyone & everything for stuff not working out is just naive. < well said
Dear everyone that has been in our office: thank you so much for the feedback.
@scottcowley @marcimouse Body pillow!
@DrMarcoDC Saw that yesterday, you can pretty much predict this stuff, history repeats.
naturally acquired immunity from asymptomatic infections = a body doing things right
Terrific research piece on ebola control in the Lancet Journal:
RT @DrMarcoDC: How a strong immune system helps. Ebola control: effect of asymptomatic infection and acquired immunity : The Lancet http://…
Wow, insurance companies are spending millions to defeat prop 45. Yes on 45 California.
@JulieJoyce @dr_pete You're both awesome. :)
@renewabelle That should be terminal 666 instead of 123.
@AndrewWarner 12.2 million viewers was probably a big deal once upon a time, seems like a small number today.

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