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Every time I read "Alibaba" I think 40 thieves. #beastieboys
In the words of wordpress... Hello World!
Summer fruit
Damn good feeling when parent after parent brings/sends their kids into office. Huge motivation to continue serving small town Los Angeles.
You're gonna build me a free website as long as I leave you an awesome testimonial? What if the site stinks?
@brianclark Still haven't found what you're looking for?
Hey @AuthorityLabs @SEOAware "Labeled power and phone cords" - great tip!
@graywolf 4.6 GB of storage on your phone?
The pubcon hashtag spam is building, another sign we're getting closer to go time.
Hey Los Angeles: Do you prefer Uber, Lyft, Cab, Car Service, Bus or other for getting around town?
RT @lorenbaker: Going to Pubcon? @sejournal has put together a Pubcon Survival Guide for newbies & veterans of #Pubcon Vegas. Enjoy! http:/…
RT @KTLA: L.A. County lifeguards rescued 88 swimmers at Venice Beach Tuesday amid dangerous rip currents. @mester_mark reports.…
@Skitzzo @cyandle @RyanJones @blafrance @KevinDoory I've had great luck with Ben & Brian, plus it's more fun in good company.
@Skitzzo Calm down Ben, We'll be winning at craps while others are in the clubs with hurting feet. cc @blafrance
@DaveProps "You could write anything into a script and they would make it appear." - You are a master of your craft!
RT @DaveProps: Here's a great article on HIMYM props on Yahoo TV. I'd like to thank @CarterBays & @HimymCraig for their kind words! https:/…
@MichelleRobbins Ha, the Simpsons have covered it all.
People often say they've tried everything to get well. Perhaps try one thing consistently and see what happens.
@seojohnandrews I've been doing that too, especially when on scooter.
@TrueTorontoGirl @seojohnandrews That should be a poster!

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Chiropractic | Chiropractor | Heh there, glad to see your back. Yes, I'm a Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). I also enjoy SEO, Photography, NFL, and my Family.

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