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@searchsleuth998 That would be a nice addition.
@YoungbloodJoe Almost no chance of ever making street legal, off road or armageddon use only.
Building a steel bumper so I can smash things.
@bobbykircher Nice work, love detailed local stuff like that.
Anyone have a landscape (and or deck/patio) design software they like?
@AlanBleiweiss Not any more. :)
Picked up a sweet trailer.
Terrific experience at USMC Camp Pendleton today, thanks @GovLiquidation for the great service you provide.
Don't know if anyone in Venice noticed that there's a Chick-fil-A opening on Lincoln Blvd.
RT @CaltransHQ: Caltrans spent 76 MILLION dollars on litter removal last year, money that could have been used on roads. Please don't litteā€¦
Somewhere, someone is asking "What's a Wayback Machine?"
I LOVE triple sevens. #777
"How I love the taste of windshield wiper fluid." said no motorcycle rider ever.
Patients coming in today post LA Rams game are very excited having NFL back in Los Angeles.
@netmeg I had that many in my yard too, plus deer season starts this week, have to watch for dummies hunting on my land.
Opioid drugmakers including Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, spent more than $880 million lobbying...
@wxyzdetroit @netmeg That's some strong odds.
SEO sales peeps are now arriving at our door, it's like Yellow Pages sales deja vu.
Rooftop solar FTW!

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Chiropractic | Chiropractor | Heh there, glad to see your back. Yes, I'm a Los Angeles Chiropractor (ADIOLA). I also enjoy SEO, Photography, NFL, and my Family.

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