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@RicDragon Cool, I see it now, great find!
@brainpicker @RicDragon Cool, wish we could see a larger version.
@Matt_Siltala And they like don't even like live in California.
@nlbctim Great so far, thanks! Enjoy the weekend.
@TheNextCorner @oilman I got a 2007 4x4 w/90k miles for $6000. That thing is way over priced.
@netmeg Hope that goes well, keep us posted with the outcome.
RT @BLMcareers: Seeking FT Horse #Wrangler (Motor Vehicle Operator) in San Bernardino County, @BLMca! Apply @USAJOBS…
@SteveTheHealer Thanks Dr. Steve, that's what broke yesterday, checking on repair $.
Chiropractors: Do you like your adjusting tables? I'm in the market to replace a Hill.
Damaged city telephone poles considered waste, sent to dump. Don't you think LADWP should let me repurpose them? #recycle
Truck shopping dilema. Big enough to haul cut telephone poles, small enough to make it up winding dirt roads.
RT @NBCLA: Poll: Neighbors aren't doing enough about California's drought. #CADroughtWatch #CAWater…
Hey designer/coder friends: I'm looking to modify a template I use across a bunch of domains, php based w/xml database. Up for work?
@ScottVann A good feeling to have. :)
@ScottVann Also feels good to take all the shirts that are now too big and droopy, and get them out of the closet.
RT @ScottVann: Feels good when you get to reach back in your closet, grab a shirt you haven't been able to wear in a while, and it fits com…
For locals driving through (or living/working in) Pacific Palisades, @DrLukeCohen is one of my favorite chiropractors. #SoCal
@notsleepy @joehall Great to hear, feeling good about working with them.
@joehall Thanks, I'm streamlining and prefer to work with one agent for all domain sales.
So nobody has a domain escrow service they like working with?

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