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RT @markjeffrey: Yes. This exactly. The 'Obusha' phenomenon:
@localseoguide @mikegracen Looks like I'll be up late adding meta keywords, gotta keep the edge in local.
@Skitzzo It came of a cow so I think we're safe. Although she has mentioned she'll beat me with it if I don't stop using it. :)
Wife bought a cowbell, I'm using it to call her when meals are ready.
@netmeg Never heard the name so I looked it up, appears you'll be hearing it for a while.
@Skitzzo I think the last game I played was Doom so consider me out of the loop.
@Skitzzo I've never ever heard of #GamerGate
Since when is craigslist a social media site?
@RyanJones Right now the raiders are 0-6. I predict they finish 2-14. I'm officially drinking water.
@ScottVann Yup, haven't worn mine in months. Best use for me was while hiking, but gps tagging involved 3rd party software.
Deer are out too, gotta get them some pumpkins.
@mattmcgee Couple of weeks ago one nearly crawled up my leg, I jumped/yelled and my wife laughed. Had to pick this one up.
Another tarantula spotted... Tis the season.
@mikegracen Maybe they photoshopped it in.
I got 99 problems but a penguin ain't one.
RT @CNN: Only 6 northern white rhinos are now left on Earth.
@TheMan Everyone's too busy being a social media guru or tech advisor.
@JeffTippett Looks tasty enough to me.
@TheMan Has anyone from the old gang hosted anything (lunch/dinner/drinks) on the westside or are those days over?
@leeguinn That's the post pubcon bug, glad to hear you are better.

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