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@searchsleuth998 Happy to know it's not only in LA. :)
Surviving the gauntlet of Los Angles traffic today is something to be thankful for.
Had a close encounter with a black bear last night and realized how unprepared I was for the situation.
So many people getting/taking this entire week off, I have to make a note of that for next year.
@SebastienPage I like 3 most, then 2.
@searchsleuth998 We didn't get any snow last year so really looking forward to getting on the sled, I have a great hill.
People already headed out for holidays today, let the crazyness begin.
So far, Amazon Lightning Deals looks like a massive garage sale of worthless stuff, at non garage sale prices.
RT @Pubcon: Want to speak at Pubcon Austin 2016? Here is how!
Possible snow in our Thanksgiving forecast, that would be awesome!
Today I got to see inside another warehouse (about 4 city blocks long) loaded with surplus from our schools, all likely bought with tax $.
A whole lot of patch cables
@SEOAware Not good or bad, just that I'll always remeber it that way.
I will forever associate Subway with Jared and his crimes, just as I do OJ Simpson and Hertz. #brands
Yeah baby! Server racks ftw!
Easy to forget that we're all connected. The good, bad, and ugly.
@dr_pete 11-12 pull-ups per day and you'll make it, nice fitness goal!
@searchsleuth998 No steel shelves for you.

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