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Thank you Cinco! Hung way over.....what are your cures?
Ok, visors on men should be called Gaysors because they are gay! Unless you are playing tennis, fishing, sporting event, or on a beach!
I don't care if it is fasionable, I didn't wear acid wash jeans in the 80's and I won't wear them now!!! Ewwww
@danevans23 Dinner is Roast Chix, Arugula Salad w/ Parmesan, Lemon & Truffle Vinaigrette.
Wishing @timcity a very Happy Birthday today!!!
PSA we filmed to help get the word out on Endometriosis... please share and help us educate everybody!! (cont)
It is april fools day. Seriously I'm not in the mood for any foolishness a la niecie nash (via @pinksugacupcake)
Love it!! RT: I may be going crazy; En route to the market, and I just tried to put change in my pocket. But (cont)
"Please don't forget that what's being produced in you will be worth the hell you're going through right (cont)
@andshebakes biotin is good for strengthening skin & nails. I'm also gonna look into Nioxin a shampoo system to help w/ thin hair.
@andshebakes Thanks, i hope you have a great, pain free weekend!
@andshebakes that was hate to sound.... Dang autocorrect
@andshebakes me either, I had to sound like a whiner, especially to those who don't truly understand... But Endo. Sucks!!!!
@andshebakes ok will do.... Gonna TRY to get some sleep.
@andshebakes yea, don't think I can wait another month w/o add-back. I will call her on Monday. Thanks =)
@andshebakes take some biotin supplements from the drug store to protect your hair, skin, nails...
@JoeMacGirl78 I hope you continue to be pain free, that's great news!!!
@andshebakes glad you are better! Me not so much, flashes, hair falling out, tired, & my skin feels on fire (pain) - had any of this?
Dito!!! RT I hate you endometriosis. (via @radicaldaisy12)

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