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Breadou® is the Official Stress Reliever for the 20th International Colorectal Scientific Congress 2009.
This is an interesting concept... "Chopsticks Plus One" @
Check out Breadou™ Macaron @ Breadou™ Macarons are über cute stress relievers to accessorize ur mobile phone!
working hard to bake up a storm for Christmas!
Breadou™ icing cream is now available @ ur nearest Action City store in Singapore! Get ur creative juices flowing @
Free 1 movie pass for "DRAG ME TO HELL" with every purchase of a complete set of BREADOU™ ROTI TOAST ACCESSORIES
New! Breadou™ Roti Toast Accessories @
This is really food for thought... take a look @ & u'll understand what ur parents really wish for...
I'm so hungry now!!! How I wish Breadou can be eaten... ... maybe I should make real confectioneries too... ...
Goody Murphy <> is messing up my kitchen again! I must have a dough fight with him to teach him a lesson!!!
Breadou Roti Toast & Breadou icing creme will be launched in April!
is feeling really hot today!
Have just baked a brand new loaf... ...
Come give me the thumps up @
I'm feeling creative today!

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Chef Breadou is the creator of Breadou™, a series of playful confectionery inspired products that add surprise and delight to city life.

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