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41.00 USD

Simple, durable wooden wall hooks, for use in a variety of places in the home.

Made from reclaimed cedar wood, with a rich hand-rubbed natural oil finish.

Handsome, functional, and very easy to install. 100% recycled wood.

Random tones like those shown. We don't use stains, but cedar varies naturally in color from piece to piece.

Come with stainless steel mounting hardware and drywall / sheet rock anchors.

Will also mount to wood without anchors.

Some pieces will contain reclaimed wood character marks left from nails we pulled from the wood before re-working it. We fill the old nail holes with black filler and sand flat. To exclude old character marks as they occur, please send us a message "Modern" for a blemish-free appearance.

Not for very heavy loads such as loaded backpacks, but terrific for jackets, small purses, towels and more.

1.5" wide

2.5" tall

7/16" brushed metal pegs (sharpie marker width) extend 2" and are permanently bonded deeply in angled holes.

Made in USA

53.00 USD

Reclaimed cedar wood re-sawn and recycled into a lovely durable hand-finished organizer for any space.


Coffee / tea / sugar packets and spoons, measuring spoons.


Pens, scissors, clips and such

The cups are small mason jars, included, removable.

At image 4, our low-profile bracket. Two of them come attached, and are tough little buggers, set securely in place with long screws. We know what it's like to find a well-made item with poor cheap mounts. Mounting screws and anchors are included too for standard drywall / sheet rock.

12" long

4" deep

1 1/4" thick

Hand-rubbed natural linseed oil or beeswax and orange oil finish.

Jars included.


Light Modern (image 1)

Dark Rustic (image 2)

Made in USA

47.00 USD

A wooden phone stand made from randomly layered recycled wood, finely sanded and smoothed, and finished in a light satin clear lacquer to amplify the naturally contrasting wood tones.

Will work with smart phones equal to or smaller in size than iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. For the larger iPhone 6+, 7+ and 8+ please see this listing:

Cord-hole through the bottom allows charging while in the stand.

Rubber pads are screwed to the bottom to keep the stand from sliding during use.

Ergonomic and smooth home key notch.

3" x 3" x 2"

31.00 USD

A trio of lovely round and gently modern succulent pots can make a terrific accent for the home or office. Made from discarded farm sprinkler pipe we cut and smoothed, leaving old trace bits of pitting and some minor scratches.

The bottom is capped inside with a circle of cedar wood, heavily bonded in place, then caulked to seal 100%.

Four self-adhesive cork pads protect the planter and surfaces.

3" diameter

2 1/4" tall

Made in USA

Plants are not included, but 2" pots commonly found in home centers are a perfect fit. We suggest grave be added to hold up the plant in the pot and provide extra drainage for the plant's roots.

28.00 USD

Our Rustic Reclaimed Headphone Wall Hook places your gear on display and helps free up desk clutter.

The brushed metal pegs will hold them up straight, and are long enough to store the cord. Just wrap the cord around the two pegs to keep it up out of the way.

Lovely and rich rubbed beeswax finish.

Mounting screws and wall anchors included.

We use recycled wood and some cuts will bear old nail holes, so there are two options.


Modern (smooth no nail holes)

Rustic (just like the modern version but with nail holes)

Please let us know if you would not want old nail holes or other imperfections with a note at checkout, ?MODERN? or if you?d like us to include these marks as they occur, ?RUSTIC?.

Comes with mounting hardware.

3" x 3" x 5/8" wood

Pegs 3/8" and extend 2 1/2"

Made in USA

35.00 USD

iPhone Docking Station - iPhone Stand - Wood iPhone Dock - for iPhone 6 and 6+, i Phone 8 and 8+ Samsung Galaxy, and More

This iPhone wooden docking station is a perfect gift for your beloved iPhone user. iPhone stand will fit a variety of phones - iPhone6, iPhone 6-Plus, 8-Plus, Samsung Galaxy, and More. Made from old growth reclaimed cedar wood.

Clean modern lines, satiny finish, black rubber feet.

3.5" wide

2" tall

3.25" deep

With self-adhesive cork pads you can apply to optimize viewing angle and fit your phone and case.

An opening is cut in the bottom to allow for your connector cord to come up through so the stand can be used while charging.

33.00 USD

Small modern wood planter for succulents or cacti.

4" x 3 1/4"

Natural rubbed beeswax finish

Extra details:

We use Titebond III glue to put these together. It is waterproof, water based, and happens to be FDA food-safe.

The joints are clamped and glued, dried, then sealed again with a small bead on the joints, so the planters are quite well-made.

The succulent for this planter can be found at your local home and garden center. The best size is a 3 inch potted succulent or cactus.

Available with or without drainage holes. Most succulents will do happily with gravel in the bottom, but if you would like drainage holes, please mention this at checkout.

Made in USA

28.00 USD

A terrific jewelry rack for the home or office, made from beautifully re-worked natural reclaimed cedar wood.

Fully sanded overall, rubbed with natural linseed oil that will never flake or peel.

Smooth metal nails are set in pre-drilled holes for durability.

Because we use reclaimed wood to make these, the occasional piece may bear small character marks left from the wood's past use.

If you prefer a smooth and perfect finish, please leave us a message "Modern" with your order.

3/4" x 2 1/4" x 10"

Comes with mounting hardware.

Made in USA

135.00 USD

Our best mid century inspired coat rack design, squared-off, smooth and modern with hints of rustic character marks in the form of old holes left by nails we pull out of old wood before re-sawing it.

Sanded, and hand-finished with natural linseed oil and beeswax to protect and accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain. It's a lovely finish that leaves the wood feeling more natural, and will never peel or flake.

The hooks are made from solid aluminum bars we cut and brush-finish and permanently set in angled holes with glue.


Dark (image 1)

Light (image 2)

- 7" peg spacing

- 1" wood thickness

- 3 1/4" height

- Pegs extend 3 1/4"

- 23" length

- Easy to mount with two hidden keyhole slots on the back side

- We gather, air-dry, re-saw and re-use old lumber. Colors may not be exact. We rely on the wood's natural color for the end result, and use no stains or dyes. Please contact us if you have more specific color needs.

27.00 USD

Wooden candle holders can add lovely light to any space. Made from reclaimed cedar wood. Comes with three cream color tea lights.

We recycle old wood into new useful things, so some cuts may show off old nail holes left after we removed nails from the wood during reclamation. If you prefer not to find these character marks as they occur, please select "Modern". Image 2 gives one example of reclaimed wood character marks.

5/8" tall, 2.5" wide, 8" long

Made in USA

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