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Our reclaimed wood succulent planters are made to last. Also available in custom sizes.
New in our selections of little things made to last! Multi purpose hook for belts, scarves, ties, headbands etc.
Support your phone on the wall and use it as a clock. Reclaimed cedar wood with traditional finish.
Our sleek little recycled metal pots are now ready with hanging cords. Made from re-purposed farm sprinkler pipe
Flash sale! Thank you all for following! Everything is on sale through tonight, save 30% on any order over 50!
#Sale, 30% off, ends in 2.5 hours. See more at
WHAT WE DON'T KNOW WILL KILL US. Interior Dept. halts study into mining technique's likely health hazards
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Mason bee hives, Bat Houses, and more, all from eco friendly reclaimed wood.