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always a Halloween favorite for me and love that it is a woman run company :-)
any local #cat lovers that need a barn cat to keep the critters away :-) #frederickmd
@NancyKLavin @frednewspost very interesting turn of events. so the judge can rule on a charge before a jury delibrates? didn't know that...
for my local #FrederickMD friends- our #Halloween event has been postponed-
Been very happy with mine. #benefits #hr
#Florida friends can u help? @ucansavedogs @PBRCtweets #rescue #dogs
@fido4e sick to my stomach seeing this. Heartbreaking
#sanbernadino #Ca friends can u help? #gsd #rescue @BFAS_LA @BigDawgsRescue1 @VanderpumpPets
@TheMuppets @IMPaulWilliams what a great blast from the past 😊
RT @animalsanctuary: Picture of the Day! Chase... #wildanimalsanctuary #animalsanctuary
@goliathtv down to last episode :-( we have enjoyed the series-
@fido4e just heartbreaking- kudos to Mike and the rescue for stepping up- i hope she finds a true forever home soon
Emotional Support Duck Boards Plane with Owner, Delights Everyone via @PeoplePets (something to make you smile)
RT @Monster: An employer’s health insurance benefits can add a lot to the appeal of a job
@BethStern look at that tail!
@HSIGlobal @prouilp very heavy sigh!
@VickiHy haha! U are going to have your hands full with him 😉
RT @Purina: #BetterWithPets news! Purina & @URI_NYC opened the 3rd Purina Pet Haven in domestic violence shelters #LetsLiveBig…
@kjothesmartass thank goodness everyone is ok! Cars can be replaced. Good luck with insurance/repairs
@YahooTV @kentucker @ChanceOnHulu @hughlaurie looking forward to checking it out

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