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25.00 USD

This is a 4x4 wrapped canvas work. It has a woman with a strange image merged with her face. It is a representation of the barriers and privacy many people including me love. Solitude is way under rated. I wanted to create an image of someone enjoying it and almost wearing it with pride.
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30.00 USD

This is a 9x12 original artwork done on heavy paint water color art paper. It is done with everything from inks, to paint, to pencils, to markers. The image is about the beauty of rebirth. You see the fairy or sprite if you like embracing the softness of her end but below her are mushrooms and a worm illustrating the rebirth process.
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40.00 USD

This is a one of a kind creation done on wood. It is about 7x11 inches and comes with a hanger in the back. It is made from my original art used as a transfer a homemade wood stain and painting and glazing the work. It has many layers and is meant to be a bit like a dream. The cup and the saucer part of the memory with the birdlike creature leading you through it. Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

35.00 USD

This is just a image that entertained me so I painted it. It is done in acrylic on a 6x12 inch canvas. You see a shark on a badly lit stage wearing a beret. He has a smoke in a long holder and a paper with some of his poetry on it. Next to him is a trash can and a microphone. If Shark poet can follow his dreams so can you. I mean come on he had to leave the ocean, clearly hit a store and made it to the stage without terrify people or suffocating. That my friends is dedication. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

8.00 USD

These were inspired by my larger version that was featured on Regretsy and E the Soup. I have sold several of them and thought some small ones might be fun as well.
Please note this is a plush adult humor toy. For the love of your cooch don't use this in any way shape or form for actual sanitary needs. It is made of art supplies not shit that should be touching your genitals. I highly recommend tormenting your daughter who just got her first period with this as a present. Maybe setting it out to stare at people in the crapper or my personal favorite use it as a teaching aide for kids you hate. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy They also make great Red Tent party favors. Just contact me for wholesale orders. Oh and international buyers I am happy to refund the difference if I am off on shipping on this by more than $1.00 Please let me know in message to buyer which one you would like. I will mark each one sold as they go.

45.00 USD

This was a really fun item to create. I took a beat up very vintage canteen and on the smooth side I created this scene from the southwest.
It has a strange almost supernatural wolf running past a cactus in the moon and star light. This is just a little sliver of what I imagine the night like there.
The scene has been painted on a treated surface and then glazed twice. It will hold up fine to indoor hanging. I would dust with a soft dry cloth if necessary.
It is not intended to hang outside in the elements or to be used as a canteen. It was very old but I wanted to do something with it.
The reverse has the name of the canteen on it and such.
Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

25.00 USD

This is an 7x11 inch paper work done with inks, pencils and all kinds of things. It is part of a series called Crap Shoot. In the series I had to work with stencils but in a creative way or start drawing free style in 30 seconds. This was made using farm animal stencils for various parts. If you enjoy this wild flying beast you may also enjoy

45.00 USD

This is a large dried gourd it sits upright and it around 18-24 inches in height. I put a photo in at the end next to a smaller gourd about a foot tall to give you some perspective. Please not this is only a listing for the monster gourd.
I loved the idea of a scary collectible gourd so I did a monster face. It has huge long creepy broken teeth that just look like it is waiting to take a bit out of someone. The eyes have a glint of red like there is a little blood in them.
This is just perfect to creep the hell out of your guest. It has a small opening at the top from where it was hung to dry. I just left that because I feel it kind of adds to it and I did not want to cover it. The gourd is glazed so it could sit outside for a short time but it is not meant to stand up to inclement weather so really just better to enjoy indoors.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Shipping will be a bit high due to the size if I am off by more than $2.00 I am happy to refund the difference. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

20.00 USD

These were each made from a line of dolls I started making that was featured on Regretsy and E The Soup. Each doll is about six inches tall and made of felt. They have a weighted bottom and are stuffed with batting. Each one has a theme. They are perfect for the person in your life who is overly obsessed with their period. You know the one trying to use it for crafts and putting it in their garden. Yep that chick needs one of these. Also great for educational purposes. Perfect toy for the child you hate. Please do note they are not for playing with as they have small parts they will have to terrify a child from a shelf. They will never sleep again.
Take note this was made with all traditional art supplies there is no blood, or general funk used to make this doll. If you can't buy it at a craft store it was not used to make this, because eewww. Please let me know in the notes to seller which doll you would like and I will mark each one unavailable as they go. Thanks for looking. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

35.00 USD

This is a 6x12 inch painting done on a canvas in acrylic. It is a woman tired and reflecting. She has a little bird sitting right there like it is telling her something. This was inspired by that exasperating time when one wants to sleep but cannot. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

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I am a artist who loves to make odd comical things. The thrill of my last few years was being in the Regretsy book. I spend my time with my family & pets.