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125.00 USD

This is a large painting sized 16x20 canvas. It had a strange swirling night sky with a large moon that is illuminating a large white bird in some dark shadowy brush.
There is a song called When the night bird sings, and this was inspired by my love of that song and of looking to the moon.
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20.00 USD

This is a little 4x6 about sized painting done on pressed paper board. It is actually packaging that I recycled. It is about 1/3rd of a inch thick. The image is a calm and soothing little still life in muted colors with flowers.
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15.00 USD

This is a weird and fun little guy about two and a half inches tall and about three inches long. It is a zebra that if you look at it just right looks to have a evil grin. It makes me laugh and I hope it does you as well. Horse is just there to show size and not included in purchase. If you enjoy this little zebra you may also enjoy

75.00 USD

This is a 16x20 inch painting mash up. I bought a terrible landscape painting at the thrift. I then cut it down to the best part and painted in my version of Bob Ross doing one of his great quotes. I love Bob and made this because I found him helpful and comical to watch growing up. So here it is and I hope it makes you all smile too.

50.00 USD

This is a work that came from a dream. This woman was just looking at her bowling pin armed kids like leave me the hell alone I want to eat this damn strawberry. So I created it for all of us who are either tired of hearing someone yell mom or simply have to deal with adults that act like children. In the background you can see a little wall hanging that is actually a bunch of random preachy jerks judging her for how she is handling life. There is a little secret message in the trim.
It is a 11x14 mixed medium on bristol board paper. Feel free to message me with any questions.

25.00 USD

Adorable little box made from a tiny wood house kit. Stands about three inches tall or so. I created a little dog and bird to go on top and did an inspired by Snoopy style. It has miniature lights and ornaments on it. It would be perfect to stash a tiny present in or maybe a small ring box. It is meant for display only and would not hold up to children playing with it. It also has small parts that could be hazardous to them.

100.00 USD

This is a large mixed media work I am calling Catopus for short. It is sized 16x20. I used everything from fabric, to vintage stamps, to bits of jewelry making supplies to glow in the dark clay to plain old paint to make this. It is an original work and would be fine framed or on it's own. Feel free to write me with any questions. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

60.00 USD

This is a 11x14 bristol board paper work. It is a cluster of roses each a vibrant different color but with an interesting patter to each that creates a fun surreal bouquet. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

30.00 USD

This painting is done on 9x11 watercolor heavy art paper. It is inspired by my shock,horror and general disgust at many things going on in our country today. The fact we elected a total maniac as our next president. That Standing Rock is even happening. The fact no one gives a real shit about Flint or the other list of places getting larger and larger by the day that have crap water to drink. That we are even still having to fight to keep rights to our own bodies or for everyone to be married to and love whom they fucking choose.
I try to be a good kind and positive person. Someone who stands up when they see wrongs. But this is not a representation of those days. This is a representation of my brain going nuts because I am floored at the general bullshit we accept on the regular. Basically why I continue to do my best to protest but also limit myself on daily news so I not look like this bird chick.
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20.00 USD

This is a work done on about 4x6 cardboard pressed block. It is being used because I salvaged it from shipping supplies it was just to neat to toss. It is about 1/2 inch thick.
The work is a mysterious little under the ocean dream land filled with weird octopus, flashy fish and tiny little seals. I hope it makes you smile. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

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About cappysue

I am a artist who loves to make odd comical things. The thrill of my last few years was being in the Regretsy book. I spend my time with my family & pets.