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40.00 USD

This is a 11x14 bristol board paper. It is a wildly mixed medium. It was meant to capture a surreal bit from a dream world for little strange creatures. As well that moment when you just seem to be under a gray cloud for no good damn reason.
If you enjoy this feel free to poke around in my other strange creations. Always happy to answer any questions and thanks for looking.

12.00 USD

This listing is for one. You can pick one of these three. When one sells I will remove it from the options list as I will not be making more any time soon. The are all hand done little bits off oddness.

25.00 USD

This is an unusual work for me. I painted it into a 5x7 cut out in a mat that is sized 8x10. I love the contrast of the simple happy dog and the wild painting on the mat. This is ready to be popped in a frame and enjoyed.
It is original and if you enjoy it you may also enjoy

40.00 USD

This is a 12x16 painting. We all know what it means when you hear camel toe. However in my brain this is what I imagine. Perfect for the person who always spots the camel toe or just really likes hump day or last but not least the freaky foot fetish. Anyway this is sure to get you a multitude of WTF's from your friends. It was created to make people laugh and I hope it does the same for you. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy my flying bacon.

50.00 USD

This is a set of two. The first image is the abstract print that I pulled. From that I paint what I see which was the dragon on a rescue mission. These are both done on bristol board sized 9x12 inches. This is an original set of works. I have no interest in splitting them up but may offer prints. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

335.00 USD

This is an original work done on a projection screen. I love the idea that the art can be moved and displayed without extra wall space. This comes broken down to the easy to assemble state and you can simply unroll your art. It is a work inspired by a single night of dreams all mashed together. It has surreal beings, landscapes and much detail. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Also happy to ship to other countries but as it is large and fairly heavy I will need to get you a shipping quote. The cost of shipping in the U.S. is high but I am happy to refund any difference over $5.00. The reason for the $5.00 is it takes more and special supplies to ship something this size.

40.00 USD

This is a 8x10 cradled wood panel I burned a bee image on. It has a whole city and bridges in the yellow stripes on the body. Then painted flowers on each side of the bee. This is a one of a kind work. The inks and paints and glazes all blur a little here and there into each other which I think add to it a little. Please note I did lose a paint brush hair or two in the glaze so this is listed a little low for the time it took.

13.00 USD

This is a fun weird one of a kind little creation. It is about 3.5 inches in length. Has a little hand made clay penis on it. Perfect humorous gift for your loved one. Then once gifted it has a little hook on the back so it can easily hang on a small nail. Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you enjoy this you may also like my other valentines

14.00 USD

This is a fun little weird creation about 4 or 5 inches across. I altered the frame added the vintage heart background ribbon and then I went to work making to tiny while like creatures to go on it. I just wanted it to be a silly fun valentine option. A great gift that does not go away like candy and is ready to hang and enjoy. Feel free to contact me with any questions. As well if you enjoy this you may enjoy

30.00 USD

This is a fun and quirky little image of some very fancy pants mice having a party. There is a little chef mouse with a dessert cart. Then a little fancy dress mouse picking out a cup cake.
Two tiny mice playing on a blanket. Then you see a fancy top hat and tails mouse drinking a cup of tea with another mouse who is wearing a fancy hat and having a cocktail. The whole purpose of this work was to be silly and fun.
It is done on heavy water color paper sized 12x12. If you enjoy this you may also enjoy

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About cappysue

I am a artist who loves to make odd comical things. The thrill of my last few years was being in the Regretsy book. I spend my time with my family & pets.