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Your Liberation is closer, U.G. Krishnamurti Has Finished Me - Here's Your Chance! -
Your Liberation is closer, Easter and Nonduality have Common Origins in Consciousness! -
Get real! Discover how the ideas of family life and love keep you away from Liberation:
Consciousness as a springboard to the Absolute:
Renunciation or Relinquishment - What serves your spirituality better?
God and the Absolute - they are One, beyond your mind!
Is your Spiritual Intelligence lacking in your pursuit of Realization?
Enlightenment bound? Here are some practical tips... before you get off your spiritual path:
Adversities, Disasters and hardships? What do they mean for the spiritual seeker like yourself:
You want to save the world? Leave it for now, save yourself first!
Why do you worry? It's all in your power to stop worrying. Here's how:
Final Run - your spiritual path's last stage: beyond, the Absolute awaits.
"No Me" "No You" "You Are Not!" Get real!
"Living in the Now" deception. Are you still following it?
"I Am not the Body" realization can be reached only from one direction. Do you know it?
Your Spiritual Identity: Want to be a beggar or a King?
Sexuality and your spirituality. Can they coexist?
Senior Spirituality - it's never too late to grow up! Death will lose its grip on you:
Are you so naive as to believe in your free will? This will open your eyes: Don't run away in terror!

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