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Road trip!! I love playing the licence plate word game when travelling. It helps the time fly by! #BzzBound and #BiteSizedBzz
Read my review of COVERGIRL So Lashy! & Intensify Me!: https://t.co/aUptv74VCx. I tried it free (or with a discount).
@Tide Love the clean laundry results from Tide purclean! Honey Lavender smells great too! #EverydayEnvironmentalist #GotItFree
Read my review of Olay® Eye Care: https://t.co/HLkCOrQfZT. I tried it free (or with a discount).
The wrinkles around my eyes are becoming less prominent thanks to using #OlayEyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment daily! #GotItFree @OlaySkin
Read my review of Clairol Age Defy: https://t.co/UER0hFR0hM. I tried it free (or with a discount).
I got my Clairol Age Defy hair colour BzzKit from BzzAgent but it's too dark for me. Gifting to a friend to try instead! #AgeDefy #GotItFree
When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I wanted to work with animals every day. #DreamJobBzz #BiteSizedBzz
My fave summer foods are BBQ'd hotdogs w/cheese, a garden side salad (from my garden) and sweet juicy watermelon! #SummerOfBzz #BiteSizedBzz
Get PAID to Shop Online, Just Like Me! https://t.co/zncdRVPQ12
It's Been A While...But I Haven't Gone Anywhere! https://t.co/PV1YKHCf8z
Say goodbye to greasy, baked on food messes and hello to sparkling clean dishes with Cascade Platinum ActionPacs. #GotItFree @MyCascade
Read my review of Cascade Platium: http://t.co/In7fC9Yj9v. I tried it free (or with a discount).
Read my review of Cascade Platium: http://t.co/LWyh8yrmO7. I tried it free (or with a discount).
No rinsing required – just put your dishes in the dishwasher, drop in a Cascade Platinum ActionPac & get back to life #GotItFree @MyCascade
WOW! You could go to a STANLEY CUP® FINAL GAME! Plus, we’re also giving away 5000 LE Stanley Cup® OREO glasses! http://t.co/n8Vt451p4t
We want your lips! Join the testing team for our biggest launch EVER! Sign up for samples here: http://t.co/MMeu6AB7cs #MavenxJulep
BOOM! I'll be one of the first in Canada to try NEW Mountain Dew Kickstart. Thanks @DewCanada. #startswithakick https://t.co/BAqqy8oteB
Come check out the #PURELL Be Well Loyalty Program and earn points to get cool prizes! http://t.co/mHljEzlAGO
Let's Make Work a Happy, Healthy, Fun Place http://t.co/nzwexdWFq8

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