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I just uploaded “Escape-suicide-dope-40” to #Vimeo:
@AMA_Marketing The influence of one starts the ball rolling and puts a man into the presidency, but several working together carries it off.
Colleges are moving in students. All subjects will be generally taught EXCEPT that which agrees with God our…
I just uploaded "Vibraharp" to @Vimeo:
What you learned in church today, practice tomorrow!
The Sunday Messages are up for Grace Baptist Church Kittanning,
I just uploaded "Leaning On The Lord" to Vimeo:
I just uploaded "The Divine Intention Is Unity" to Vimeo:
A devotional study of Colossians with many links to inserts.
What dies real belief sometimes entail?
Are you Onesimus?
Tychicus - Who was he?
Seasoned with Salt
RT @Hillsdale: We found a great quote from #GeorgeWashington for today's #WisdomWednesday!
I just uploaded "The Trouble with Unity" to Vimeo:
I just uploaded "Sharing the Light" to Vimeo:
I just uploaded "Unity's Tactic" to Vimeo:
Walk in Wisdom
" speak the Mystery of Christ,..."
Continue in Prayer . . .

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Campus Pastor Stephen Haasch purposes to present real Biblical Christianity, genuine life, as it is clearly given to us in the Bible.
How to find salvation, How to deal with sin, How to read the Bible, How to study the Bible, How to buy a Bible, How to determine Bible study books and aids, How to pray, How to live Godly lives, What is holiness, Who is Jesus Christ, Who is God, Why Genesis 1-11 is literal and true, How to find a church, How to find knowledge, How to enter into understanding, How to exercise wisdom, How to grow spiritually, Learn God's plan for all of time,

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