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Random webcam chat: better Facebook connect and filters, latest girls and boys
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CamCite, the free location webcam chat service, adds P2P support for faster video conferences users can now create their own rooms + conferencing application, site functionality improved.
CamCite application profile on Facebook: : Local video chat on Facebook on PC District:
Video Encounter filters: select what users to meet in random chat by sex, location, webcam status. discussed of Chatroulette FR :
Camcite article on Italian : hits the front page of : featured on
CamCite hits Geekissimo frontpage being featured on featured on FeedMyApp . featured on KillerStartups . featured on SpleenHeart .
Camcite introduces peer to peer (P2P) support for 1 on 1 webcam chat roulette where supported by clients. Faster streaming.
Camcite adds 1 on 1 video chat roulette : .
Camcite (beta) is online: . brings people closer with local video conference rooms.

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