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Top 10 Christmas gifts for language and travel enthusiasts in 2013 #tefl #teachers
Suzanne Furstner Scholarship 2013 Winning Entry: Rumina Iftikhar #tefl #teachers
Suzanne Furstner Scholarship 2013: enter now to win a TEFL course! #tefl #teachers
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@hyllandinho But our course advisor will explain the whole process to you on Monday. :-)
@hyllandinho If that goes well, they will offer you a place. You don’t pay us, you pay the school directly.
@hyllandinho You need to apply first, we will have to send the application to the school and they need to review it.
@hyllandinho Hello! Our course advisor will be here on Monday from 11.30am to 2.00pm and from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. We look forward to see you.
@talkREAL_org :-)
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@hyllandinho Just a little smiley for using Twitter to communicate with us! :-)
@TEFLRussia @jennifer_collie @TEFLRussia @hyllandinho :-)
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@hyllandinho But the 28th October course is actually the November course, it finishes 22nd November. :-)
@hyllandinho They are finalized and confirmed in autumn. The dates shown on the website are the only dates for now.
@hyllandinho Hello, there are no courses in December anywhere because of Christmas and we don’t have dates for 2014.
@MikeMwalker Thank you!
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@hyllandinho Hello! Thank you for your interest in Cactus TEFL. We will check & get back to you as soon as we can with dates. :-)
Cactus to Conference IATEFEL Scholarship Update: Or, how Cactus has changed my professional life. #tefl #teachers

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