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Hey all you #hackers here's something for you to upvote: #hackernews #hn
BuyLater is evolving!...
BuyLater is evolving!
@JamieWilson once you log out you should be able to install and login. We are working on an account system to solve all these problems.
@JamieWilson go to
RT @eriksherman: looking to speak with a recruiter of technical talent for Wall Street today for a story.
Check out the official BuyLater blog:
@minimaliststyle Check out - you can track items you're interested in and if the price drops you'll get an email alert.
@minimaliststyle I hope you're using BuyLater to track price drops! You picked out some great products there.
@37signals the new basecamp is awesome! Kudos to your designer. Have you checked out I'd love to hear your thoughts!
@jnsjr Ack! I'm very sorry about this. We are working on fixing this problem.
Insane Price Drop: Omega Watch
BuyLater launches Drop Zone
If you use Chrome, check out BuyLater on the Chrome store
@xn We are working on it
@xn Wow...what a huge oversight in our scraping system. We think we have a solution. Thanks for letting us know.
New blog post: BuyLater Now Available On Chrome Store.
@pcpitstop BuyLater just got accepted to the Chrome store. Check it out:
@37signals: I love your books and your blog! I'd love to get your feedback on a browser extension I'm working on.

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