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Thought humans living on Mars was completely impossible? We just witnessed history
The possibility of one day living on Mars just became much more realistic
SpaceX just pulled off its first reused rocket mission-- a major triumph for Elon Musk
Elon Musk just made history by successfully launching a reusable rocket
Liftoff! Elon Musk’s SpaceX just launched its first “preflown” rocket, making history
Trump aside, many of America's biggest corporations are sticking by their climate pledges
JUST IN: SpaceX successfully launches its first “preflown” rocket
The best hiking trips around the globe, from Australia to Amalfi
SpaceX is currently attempting to go where no rocket has gone before. Watch here
Maduro's favorite economist says Venezuela is a "real mess"
This is why Australia hasn't had a recession in more than 25 years
North Carolina rolls back its 'bathroom bill'
One of the world's biggest drugmakers has a new plan to get more medicines to more people
Premier League owners fear players will leave post-Brexit
Americans are dying earlier in the suburbs
Death rates among white middle class Americans are rising at a skyrocketing rate
Here's how you can watch the SpaceX rocket launch this evening
Meet the 22 year-old at the center of the self-driving car craze
LATEST: South African President Zuma fired Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, sources say
Thousands of Trump University students sign up for hefty refunds

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