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@onedancinblonde @BigWheelieStyle 1955 Ford F100
not a bad drive once you make it past 3 hours of traffic in soho https://t.co/fBac1EpjiB
"Philly does have @ChickfilA – 6, actually. 7 if you count the airport." –@MarkelleF ✌️everyone who said his perso… https://t.co/PCSXFznnIl
RT @si_vault: With the first pick in the 1996 NBA Draft, the @sixers select ... Allen Iverson. Quarterback. Georgetown University. https://…
RT @footlocker: https://t.co/ZLWcrMpSEU
as much as i don't like draymond, this is what makes the #NBADraft so fun. you might get one of the best 2-way play… https://t.co/Fecp5q73fu
#TrustTheProcess https://t.co/SqybhOLHeT https://t.co/ZcGSl0CJ0A
@pixelsguy @GIGABYTEUSA i see what you did there. happy birthday! 🎉
RT @MTV: We need to start talking about the gay and bisexual men being tortured and killed in Chechnya. RT to show we have #EyesOnChechnya.…
@conradlisco gave me this exact advice when i was less than 1 year out of college, and it's stuck with me. a great… https://t.co/nfCZjJ4fcI
RT @PostGraphics: Keep this tab open: The Senate health-care bill will fail if 3 Republicans vote no. We’re tracking their stances https:/…
RT @nytgraphics: Senate Republicans have released their plan to dismantle Obamacare. Here's what they'd keep, change and repeal. https://t.…
RT @chancetherapper: Dre is a premier example of creating space for wealth and ownership in an industry designed for creatives to be the fo…
@kairyssdal @digiphile collective action problem? no one wants to be the one who gets banned for it?
Found 17 Tweets in this @ringer piece (10 linked, 7 embedded) and every single one of them is GOLD. 😂 #NBATwitter https://t.co/AG2TojYBmW
RT @outsidethenba: Markelle Fultz said he thought he came up with TTP https://t.co/GHzhzqs68y
RT @JoelEmbiid: We don't care about Exit meetings in Philly... you're welcome to join
@kimbal care to share what sparked your signature style? https://t.co/rZLhUVAV3u
@business @deenashanker surprised it's so low, especially given the conclusion that plants and local urban farming… https://t.co/SIrxEGXdrZ
@business @deenashanker "Meat & dairy products contribute 54% of the American diet's potential impact on climate ch… https://t.co/UvZuziuy6X

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I'm an easy going person who has others interest at heart, I'm not adamant but always like to learn.

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