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@KyleClark can we change Trump's acronym to PEEOTUS?
@CocoDavies we were out at another place for a random Tuesday meal and around 8 EVERYONE WAS OUT HERE TOO. Tuesday is the new Friday.
RT @kathoh: When Justice Jackson warned of democracy giving its enemies the weapons to destroy it, he used Nazis to illustrate…
RT @Everytown: To: Anyone who received a gun over the holidays. Make sure to keep it locked and unloaded when not in use.…
When your three kids are on vacation, the dishes and laundry never end.
@summerbrennan it was a very short story. Basically just the white space between the story above and the bottom edge of the page.
Found his official AG car:
RT @manygradients:
@bugfrog it's like vampires when presented with human food. Push it around the plate and act naturally to fit in.
Good advice for my upcoming odyssey
RT @xor: The consequence of a permission culture. When rightsholders can decide what you can see, they cut you off from history. https://t.…
RT @davidfilipov: When the top comment on a @Slate article about #ICreport is an apparent #Russian troll who isn't even a good one. https:/…
RT @manygradients:
Based on physical symbol of the Speaker's power, but an admittedly amateurish logo execution…
@9NEWSWeather I think you meant to say ❄❄❄🌯🌯
RT @mikamckinnon: This @LockheedMartin quiz on Which Spacecraft Are You? is all kinds of adorable:…
Thread 👇👇👇
RT @RidT: This is big: CIA, NSA & FBI publish perhaps the most high-profile intelligence community assessment in US history…
@karj errrr… maybe they can handle Microsoft publisher files, tho? 😕

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