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RT @rickriebesell: Read this: - Read: Who Says Elephants Can't Dance - Read the article two more times and take note…
RT @rickriebesell: Negotiating is having a conversation. See and conversation articles on BTC website.
RT @rickriebesell: Thinking about selling your business?
RT @rickriebesell: Predict the future? No, but most can recognize patterns and visualize probable results. Like a chess master.…
RT @rickriebesell: Recognize patterns? Chess masters do it better than lesser players. What does it mean for the business owner? http://t.c…
RT @rickriebesell: Double vision can be helpful in making good business decisions.
RT @rickriebesell: Publisher’s Limited Time Offer: FREE DOWNLOAD for Now What? – The manual for owner-managed businesses.…
RT @rickriebesell: Always like to read the manual? The manual for your business is
RT @rickriebesell: Business success predictor: a constant process producing good decisions with information from a variety of sources. http…
RT @rickriebesell: Imagine you are a sophisticated buyer able to buy at a reasonable price, would you buy your business?…
RT @rickriebesell: How can you possibly know who will buy your business?
RT @rickriebesell: Do you know who will buy your business? You should. Read the article at
RT @rickriebesell: Do You Know Who Is Going to Buy Your Business?:
RT @rickriebesell: There could be a time . . . who will get the money in the business?
RT @rickriebesell: Business strategic planning: do not predict the future; create redundancy and succession rules to preserve good decision…
RT @rickriebesell: Entrepreneur not a manager? Business started - Now What?
Principal factor to sustain business profitability: group decision-making capability producing good decisions consistently over time.
RT @rickriebesell: Get the full value of your business into your bank account. How? Click here:
RT @rickriebesell: Think you are in control? Of what? Control - A Dangerous Illusion for business managers.
In a business crisis? Are people stuck? Dysfunction not performance? Many talk and few watch and listen.

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