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ZOMG!! We Won a Webby!! We won in the experimental and innovation category-a massive thank you to everyone who took part in this crazy thing
THank you everyone who RT'd the Webby's link last night, appreciated! I've just RT'd it too for anyone who wasn't around last night
RT: Yay! @Britglyph was nominated for two Webby's! Please take a moment to register and vote for us: (please RT!)
Yay! Britglyph was nominated for two Webby's! Please take a moment to register and vote for us: (please RT!)
@cliveandrews your famous!
ooh! Britglyph story at Metro online, thanks Tom!
Pebbles and Boulders: The people of Britglyph This is a video of all Britglyphers, enjoy!
Thank you everyone for the kind retweets. Im working on a video featuring the people on Britglyph, perhaps may be finished lat this eve!
@carnelianrings thank you!
@Shimacat could never have been done without the amazing Britglyphers. Im putting together a video of all the Britglyphers as we speak
RT @Shimacat: @britglyph well done to you! Great project, and your persistence in the face of geographical inconveniences paid off. Fabu ...
Everyone who took part in Britglyph we raise a glass to your energy and creativity,it simply could not have been done w'out you
@utku yay! Thanks for the RT @xalieri thank you so much mate!
Britglyph is complete! @cliveandrews placed the last marker yesterday evening and posted a wonderful video:
@utku exit 2, always exit 2
@LEMills big yay! Let's wait for that last post to arrive and then we can crack open the champagne eh?
RT @CliveAndrews: The last marker in the @britglyph has been placed! As soon as I'm off this train I will upload . Well done everyone!
@jtonline hee :) We're working on some ideas. Ideally we would like to make a platform that let's *anyone* create their own locative art
@brewster_d Thanks Brewster, it has been quite an experience, I hope for everyone and yes, nearly finished!!

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A UK wide collaborative public art project which will create the largest piece of art ever made

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