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I've been chosen to be in the forthcoming book "Hear Us Roar! 28 Stories of Everyday Women Leading Extraordinary...
Step Aside! "One of the strange facts concerning those who move with definiteness of purpose is the readiness in...
Succeeding the reality of a business is far more rewarding than entering in by its lure. But where help is needed, you'll find it. Just ask.
Sometimes, you'll tentatively crack a door open. Or run charging through. Whether your speed is slow or hypersonic, you will progress.
@iamdiddy Those who exalt God, He will exalt before men. I can't wait to see what He's going to do next in ur life
Your greatest dream doesn't come close to the reality of what God wants to do in you.
Not believing that true brilliance must coexist w/ faith precludes surpassing what was once a life's dream to living the dream of a lifetime
The mind does not decipher between success experienced and success envisioned. It will duplicate in reality what you envision if you let it.
When meeting challenges, we can struggle w/ progress at the point where our expertise and unknown meet. See your success to break free.
Who Trusts You? If you desire to propel your personal and business relationships to another level, take the challenge. Find out.
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@omarepps Let us know how it is!
Freeze Frame: many of those closest to U/from past only believe in Ur success by seeing it. No worries! Stay marvelous! They'll come around.
In Philly? Bowling Event on August 20th to support a great cause!
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@BeyonceKnow - the duality: reserved yet giving, and fiercely fab on the grind. I know it well. Do you feel more integrated w/ this album?
@bryandulaney Yes! We conquer that which most fear by embracing it. Nice to meet you.
@techhugger five extra hours would be good!

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