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I am beginning to wonder whether I am wasting my time no one ever answers any of the questions that I ask on here.. so much for followers!
has anyone on here ever had these Botox injections...just wondered what it was like am thinking of getting it done
Need to sort out my eyesight check it is a must I need new glasses some stylish designer ones
what a wet grey day can tgo out for a walk at lunchtime now! that is a real shame
rain and hail stones now!
whatever happened to equality!!!
it seems to me that women are being taken advantage of everywhere these days even in a female orientated environment.....
she said it takes more time to cut a womans hair, what a lot of twoddle !!
and why is it that women get ripped off? i asked a hairdresser why it costs more to cut my thin short hair than a mans thin short hair...
Nowadays you don't even get offered a drink in many salons and they still overcharge, average haircut is now thirty five pounds....
when we lived in Denmark I found a wonderful hairdresser in Copenhagen she knew how to cut hair properly, standards are slipping in UK...
bad hair days!! yes we all have them... but my bad hair day seems to last all day everyday, I can't seem to find the right hairdresser
never mind we are having bacon rolls for our breakfast this morning so it is completely irrevelant today
Maybe the toast makers could work with Kingsmill to create a toaster that will fit their bead
Toast, everyone likes it, but what is it with Kingsmill bread, they make the slices so large that 1/2 of it sticks out top of the toaster
people say that talking to oneself is a sign of madness but I can't help it if my boyfriend won't listen to me!!
is there actually anyone out there who reads these twitter posts or are we all just wasting our time?? no one has replied to any of ours

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