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#Easter eggs? You'll colorize! Trails? They'll surprise. But don’t fall down the hole, There’s a richer place to go!
Apple pie cupcakes with Bosco Caramel over the top keep all the kids mighty happy!
The sun is shining, A mighty day for playing! It’s the start of #spring, Onward we’re going!
May your day be lucky Your Bosco-in-milk chocolatey! It's St. Paddy’s Day Go for a potful of hurrays! #StPatricksDay
What’s for #dinner? What goes good together? Is fried chicken & Bosco-in-milk your answer? Yay, you’re the winner!
Time travel by #kids: big boxes, wardrobes & Bosco-in-milk stirred fast, counter-clockwise!
Have your #cake & cookie too with Bosco Chocolate Mint Cookie Syrup over the top!
Television off, possibilities on! Real #adventures are greater than the pictures on TV!
A surprise is stirring Gather all, Boscoteers! Your ticket is waiting Here's to many cheers!
#Cookies & brownies together? Stack’em higher! With Bosco over the top, You’ll never stop!
#Cupcakes are good to share With friends good to have A little Bosco at the start, The seal that you’ll never part!
@SurelyKatie We're sharing the mightiest ice cream in the happiest place on earth!
@Rachel_Swor We find your lack of chocolate milk disturbing. The force is strong & stirring with this ticket
@TJCoolass To keeping the winning streak...
@_lindss_s We've got plenty for a happily ever after & they're all yours!
@RodoNeverSober Your wish is our command : )
@Alexis_Noel7 Feel better, you deserve this : )
@kylecupp12 Stir up the tradition to a whole new level, you'll be the mighty winner with this combo!
@conthecutie Stir your way up, we've got your soul covered : )
Scouting for a #brownie of the cookie kind? You've found it with Bosco Chocolate Mint Cookie Syrup over the top!

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Co-owner of Bosco Chocolate Syrup nights, food industry researcher during the day; Cambridge resident and food lover

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