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''They just come here to take photos with medallists and nothing else." Indian boxer Sarita Devi on Indian officials
".......there is something really rotten in a system where-even love (as my friend puts it, the most subversive...
@simplysatishag Thanks Satish. I had written a post before the conference started.
GOA... goooooooo... aaaaaaaaa...
Arundhati Roy - Navayana project: Brahminic violence on Dalit intellectual challenge
RT @stevesalaita: U of I Destroyed My Career; my piece in the Chicago Tribune:
''I wonder if it has occurred to many that one after another, in quick succession, all the big ladies of Indian...
'How the State Sanctions Bonded Labor' Sarah Suhail's article in @TanqeedOrg
Events being planned at Cafe Bol in Lahore, Pakistan as part of Festival of Ideas from 28th December to 30th...
@jamiemcphie welcome to twitter :) suggestions to follow @edwarmi @openDemocracy @PermieGardener @CarbonCycleKate @saveulverston
Remembering URA @ BLF.
Girish Karnard, S G Vasudev and @mamtasagar discussing Dr U R Ananthamurthy 's works at Bangalore Literature Festival
RT @BlrLitFest: "Man has reached Mars a few days ago, but a Dalit man cannot reach a well to fetch water" - @sharan1656
Girish Karnard, S G Vasudev and Mamta Sagar discussing Dr U R Ananthamurthy's works
Bangalore Literature Festival: Day 1 - Friday | September 26, 2014 11.30- 12.30Shraddhanjali: Remembering U R...
(rough translation of the first Dileep Raj) ''..I am an anarchist..such a person..a man like me..was put...
Kadalu to represent Italian Literary Agency MaBeL for the Indian Subcontinent and selected titles to the UK.
Kadalu to represent Italian Literary Agency MaBeL for the Indian Subcontinent...
"Kadalu to represent Italian Literary Agency @MaBeLAgency for the Indian Subcontinent" by @booksconnect

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