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@Sabrina_Bowman0 @SamanthaSBowman We're proud of you. But we support anybody's decision to drink out of something with Norman Reedus on it.
@BCTucker9 We do, actually.
@SacredBurning The best news is that our deals last through Sunday.
@jp_4c We are, too.
@EmilyHamm27 And we totally do.
@kiralies We support this.
@naillijbaley Makes a good decision.
@Andrewmated That's the only plans you would ever need.
@thebooks_beyond We're proud of the decisions you made.
@ChelzeaDee That's great! Thanks for filling out our customer survey.
@ShaelynCherie One day, everybody will know.
@DaddyIssuesClub We were! If you missed out on some Black Friday deals, don't worry! We're running those sale prices through Sunday.
@mikelthomas_ Together, we can tackle this.
@WP_Problem Oh, we love our Sherlock merchandise.
@karlee_ogden This is what we call a good plan. Did you get anything good?
@gracearlene27 This is the only right answer.
@Sabrina_Bowman0 @SamanthaSBowman This was a good plan. Did you get anything good?
Here's one more thing to be thankful for today.
@vixxsinn66 That's an answer that we can always get behind!
Happy Thanksgiving from Books-A-Million! What's one book that you're thankful for this year?

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