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This is an easy choice, whether you're a divergent or not. The Divergent Collector's Edition has so much cool stuff.
Do you love Hello Kitty? That's perfect. We're giving away everything that you see here and more to one lucky winner!
RT @ChrisLoesch: ICYMI @booksamillion still has #HandsOffMyGun at half-off!
Because you should be able to get the Frozen soundtrack on vinyl.
Do you know the story of Charles Ponzi, the inspiration of the Ponzi Scheme? @glennbeck does.
RT @Marvel: Here it is! Watch the @Avengers: #AgeofUltron Teaser Trailer right NOW: #Avengers
You can tell us not to get excited about Taylor Swift's new album, but we're just gonna shake it off.
You could say that we have a pretty strong presidential approval rating. @billclinton
@TheZebraWall, does this mean that we've been prazed?
Check out the cool people we have coming to Books-A-Million at! Which authors have you met?
Waiting for the perfect moment to pre-order @glennbeck's new book? This is it. We've marked it down 50%, today only.
RT @MiraclesTheBook: Hurry!!! #Miracles is 50% off on @booksamillion till midnight tonight! Pre-order now and RT! ht…
@FearlessLeaver, we know fun.
Would we be breaking the first rule if we talk about a new book from the author of Fight Club?
RT @RWitherspoon: I bid moms and little girls alike to read this book...because everyone deserves to know what happened……
Us too, @jk_rowling.
It looks so perfect standing there. #5SOS
@ruinsrising, we wouldn't dare.
Never have we related to a book so much just because of the title, @JimGaffigan.
Any time we get a new clip of @TheHungerGames is a good time.

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