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Getting social with Facebook! If you're a sports betting fanatic... Become a fan of us
Signing up more fantasy bookies
Signing up new agents (bookies) and getting amped up for football season. Dont miss our $10 pay per head special!
Win free tickets to Affiliate Summit East! #ase09 and demo our $10 pay per head sportsbook software for bookies. Incredible design and functionality Sign Up Today!
Our Sportsbook Software Demo is ready for bookies... On special for only $10 pay per head - best looking and functioning solution available!
Signing up "fantasy" bookies for our online sportsbook software. The software that runs itself while you get your life again!
is working late nights to get the software complete. To all you bookies out there... hold on.. this is going to be the best software ever.
if you know of a bookie that wants to make life easier, send them to
@TheSportsCast congrats man... i'll keep checking back to see the webcast.
if you know of a bookie and want to make money... get me in contact with them and i'll give you a referral fee.
sent out all my monthly bills for my customers... now pay up!
the early bird get's the worm!
working on some marketing campaigns to boost some of these affiliate websites. There is an endless amount of ways to make money online!
just finished another website. God I love making money and being creative. Can't think of another thing I'd rather be doing.
If you know of any Bookies that want hands free software to run their book... check out
happiness is the key to success! If you love what you're doing... the money will come! Well... sorta
focus on one project at a time. Don't spread yourself thin or tha money maker may be lost in translation.
woke up this morning and feeling ready to make some money... if anyone needs some motivation e-mail me and I'll fire you up!
heading to dinner and then the comedy club to end a fun weekend.

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