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Yay! @tumblr has finally fixed email posting. Let the vapidness reign anew. Thanks, tumblrists.
E-mail posting to @tumblr has been down for over a week now. Is there any status page to check that? @tumblr's support page is seems silent.
@ngungo Weird. I hadn't noticed any down times. The forum was down for several days, but whenever I checked bookMarkR, we were good to go.
@ngungo Well, we came back by the time I'd returned with my young charge. Maybe a security certif problem. @jacques or @kzngdn will know.
@ngungo I'll also look into alternative plan; might take a couple of days. I work 3/4-time as child-care specialist and 1/4-time cook. ;-)
@ngungo It seems that @kzngdn servers are down. I expect @jacques is looking into it. It's not just our server, but the KzG forum as well.
We've moved to @kzngdn. We expect things to move along smoothly from now on. Sorry for the Valentine's Day problems.
We apologize to those few of you who use bookMarkR for the several-day outage last week. Our host died precipitately, and we had to find...
Ok, my cache might not say so, but aboutMyX does. We're migrated, and apparently running. If you're having problems email us [info at ...]
Ok, planning to migrate this morning. Sometime in the next two or three hours. Shouldn't disrupt things by more than a few min. migration has been delayed. Perhaps tomorrow or Monday. Will keep folks posted.
@EricCurtis Yes indeed, keeping columns manageable is the best for reading. Problem is, people want to fill up their über-wide screens.
@EricCurtis Glad it was useful. I use it a lot. Do you have the newer version we released in May or June?
@jonto Let me know how you make out. I'll be around on and off all weekend. It's pretty cool. I've used it a lot the last couple of weeks.
@jonto With luck, I've fixed the sexyFileManager issues you had. Sent updated files and e-mail. Let me know how it works out.
@chorrell The silver lining, so to speak, is it prompted to institute an aggressive back-up policy.
@jonto I think that's pretty much the way ngungo and his spouse are using it. I'm using it to centralize the every day bookmarks I use.
@jonto Great! We're good for organizing things you use a lot, not yet ready for widgets. But, you can also keep notes, recipes, audio…
@ewagoner We are working on a fail-safe, back-up strategy here. Also improved usability and a de-uglification as per request of @fitzage
@jdjustice I think so. I'm not finding the details, but the limits seem like it's 1/15th of a full accelerator. My mates seem low bandwith

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