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vintage bingo card
no art play today, sprig cleaning, separating things into the studio
an upside to taxes? Thoughts?
the revealing side of doing taxes - thoughts?
edwardian details
new - folk inspiration
a great shout out to paperyum - thanks @wickedlychic
forest cute
I find myself more relieved than bummed at craft fair rejections.
listening to Gavin Bryars piece, cleaning the devastation in my studio lol
new art
baby fox and girl
listening to the classical Indian dance class through the wall - I LOVE my building!
ohh busy lately! catching up
mod awesomeness
party time
RT @alyankovic: Warning: @ParisHilton just surpassed @whitehouse in number of Twitter followers. #apocalypse
I am so cranky at the spouse's work at the moment another weekend bites.
an uneasy cooperation

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