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10.00 USD

3.5-4.0 OZ
This chunky soap cake is soft and creamy with exceptional lather, laced with a light, calming lavender scent grounded by a creamy base of organic oat flour - sprinkled tops of lavender buds offer slight exfoliation. It's loaded with nourishing, skin loving oils and has a long history here at bodygoodies as one of our most popular and most gentle bars of soap. it is well loved by mature skin, baby skin, sensitive skin and anything in between. But for as gentle as the bar is, its also equally good at keeping the germs away - the antibacterial properties from the lavender make it so. ....frenchy is well rounded any way you look at it. Heidi personally uses frenchy as her must have " gym bar".

25.00 USD

.35 oz
this little bottle is packed with natural, preservative and chemical free goodness for your skin... in an easy to use, roll on application.
castor oil forms the ideal base barrier while meadowfoam forms a breathable surface barrier. locked between the layers are all of the benefits provided by the rest of the essential ingredients. those benefits include, restoring elastin and collagen, fighting free radicals, soothing irritation, cell regeneration, helping to even out unbalanced skin tone, balance oil production, reduce scarring, fade discoloration, minimize breakouts.. and the list goes on. full blog post with more indepth ingredient descriptions coming soon.
this serum is recommended for all skin types, it is non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, and beneficial for healthy to acne prone skin.

12.00 USD

4.5-5.0 oz
Crud is our mineral powerhouse. the bar is so packed full of them, it actually smells like minerals. we chose to very lightly scent the bar with beneficial essential oils which compliment the natural scent of the minerals used, but more importantly, to support the function of the bar- making it our most popular facial and body soap. Its earthy, its clean, its mineral rich, its scrubby, its good... good stuff!
inside crud you will find 2 different types of mineral rich muds, and the wonderful exfoliating ability of dead sea salt.

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