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You need a good, up-to-date LinkedIn profile
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Pop-ups are annoying, right?
Focusing on traffic can be an expensive mistake
Copywriting for the heart as well as the head
RT @thatmarkperkins: Twenty years ago this week I started in PR. Here’s 10 things about PR in the 1990s for those who were there https://t.…
Why and how to switch from http to https
Tools to get under the skin of your website
Error 404: You’re Welcome
Why you should bother to write to your best customers
What are Ad Rank and Quality Score?
Who’s been looking deep into your website?
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How much are you paying your website?
RT @StuuuCopywriter: It’s my birthday today so instead of doing any actual work I made myself this ridiculous video. Apologies in advance h…
Making this the year when PPC advertising really works
Make 2017 the year of more video
Investing in website speed: something we can all do
Happy New Year
Best of the Blog in December 2016

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