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Our account is no longer active, anyone with customer services queries, see the contact details here:
A huge thank you to all who have supported bmibaby over the years - your support has been very much appreciated!
@ISPYawards Thanks for your support, a pleasure to work with you too.
@flyingant1985 Thanks so much for your support and wishes!
@PinkPadme Thanks so much for your support and wishes!
@h0dgy No problem, enjoy your flight!
@joshtothemack18 Thank you for your support Josh!
As we reach the final few days of bmibaby, here is a look back at our favourite social moments. Thanks for the follows!
@DavidAdamson2 Hi David. We don't have a stock library, but is there a particular photo we can try to source for you?
@dcr_1999 Hi. Thank you for supporting bmibaby over the years!
@kgeals Hi. There are many routes now being covered by other airlines - check with your departure airport for details.
RT @_digital_impact: Well done @bmibaby_com and @therabbitagency, who's work has been nominated for Best community development in the Di ...
@Hixy195 @bex25800 Hope you had a great flight - have a wonderful time!
@karenstrunks @jjfcarr It's been great working with you Karen, thank for the memories!
@TheTravelBunny Thanks for all your support Suzanne, it's been great having you on board.
@_JoshTalbot @jjfcarr Thanks for all your support Josh!
@S900NNY Hi. Unfortunately we are not recruiting any cabin crew. Good luck on your search!
@stuartthomas Hi Stuart. Thanks for the feedback, it's been great having you fly with us.
@Tyz0608 Hi. It shouldn't be used during flight unless it's in airplane mode-the crew will ask you to switch it off before takeoff & landing
@rajbansal88 Hi Raj. Our customer services team sent you a letter on 30 July, please let us know if you did not receive this.

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