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RT @justicedems: Now that Trump stood down, Dems must stand up for #MedicareForAll. Sign our petition with @NationalNurses…
(2/2) The async/await pattern flattens complex dependency trees into a series, making them slow. Solution: Use eval:
JavaScript developers celebrate async reaching stage 4 inclusion into ES2017 - but don't believe the hype! (1/2)
@Jeff257 Right - I'm from CA, and my vote didn't even matter. Weird system where the *smaller* your state, the more your vote counts.
Hillary's vote lead exceeds the entire populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska and North Dakota. Combined. #ElectoralCollege #democracyFail
Big ups to #JustinNormand - a proud American and Texan defending the *real* American way.
Ohayou earthquake here in Japan. M7.3. Poor Fukushima! Again they are being evacuated along the coast!
RT @jntod: 'We're gonna build a fourth wall, folks, and make the Brechtians pay for it'
Such a terrible and avoidable tragedy: Sorry Bethany, we failed you. We failed you completely. 😢 #stopBullying
Fantastic results from this photo processing app.
Twitter asks "What's happening?".. What's happening indeed!
I don't recognize my country today.
RT @UdellGames: Use whatever brace style you prefer. But not this. Don't do this. Seek help instead of this.
Thats a sentence one doesn't hear too often. #awesomeMom
I just published “A Journey Through Asynchronous Coding”
Asynchronous Control Flow Zen - The Ultimate Solution to "Promise Hell" -"Promise-Hell"
Scary thought...
Home Depot founder says Hillary and the dems will tank economy. His stock is up 430% since Obama started.
@benostrowsky Is it really? Wow, cool that you stumbled on it! Did you post to Flickr under CC? BTW, Thanks!
Of course, $40b of that was Pokemon Go, but still! RT @tim_cook @AppStore developers have now earned over $50 billion!

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