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I think we have forgotten what warm weather is, this heater is on overdrive!!
Very busy peeps at the moment, but never too busy to stick the kettle on if anyone fancies a chat about their marketing or design needs
Just looking into mobile blogging and compatibility with Blackberrys and IPhones for all you people on the move...
Don't forget to apply for the administrational type paper person job we are currently advertising for, visit our website for details!!
Just been outside and it's raining cats and dogs. A strange term to which I know the definition, no nothing to do with skydiving Poodles!!
Forecasting a thaw, clients coming out of hibernation means no time to add to blog at another late one
Just trying out some CS4 trial software from Adobe, let's see what they have improved...
Dave L - just changed the name on here from BSE to Blu Strwbery Elphnt - why do web guys never leave enough room in forms for proper names?
just adding some modifications to the website, more to come
Welcome to the official twitter page for blue strawberry elephant, keep checking back for more...

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We are a Creative Marketing Company based in Sheffield, UK. We specialise in Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Branding, Corporate ID (Logos) etc etc

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