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Great for kids of all ages! #GenerationHealthy #BlocksLearning
Can the NFL teach us anything about being better parents?
Great tip for family photos – holiday card season is coming fast!
We now have 3 locations: Stamford, Wilton & #Shelton:
Can text messaging make you a better parent? Researchers say yes:
Only one of the many things your kids will learn at #BlocksLearning!
Which year of parenting is the toughest? You decide:
Tell your friends: there’s a new #BlocksLearning in #Shelton!
Parents tell us they can’t wait for their kids to start talking. But sometimes, they just don’t need words!
Too much worry can take the wonder out of parenting:
Teaching kids about gratitude impacts the way they see the world. #Parenting #BlocksLearning
At last, #Shelton has top quality early learning for pre-schoolers, toddlers & infants:
It’s amazing how children see the world. Wonder & pragmatic all at once.
Caution: these are incredibly addictive! #HealthySnacks
Interesting nutrition question – does cow’s milk help your toddler thrive? #GenerationHealthy
Great #EarlyChildhoodEducation now in #Shelton:
The learning your child does now directly influences how successful they’ll be later! #BlocksLearning
Sugar free snacks kids love! #GenerationHealthy
6 ways to encourage your child’s love of #reading:
We’re trying to spread the word about our new #Shelton location. For someone who needs great #EarlyChildhoodEducation:

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