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Help Blip keep on rolling. We have a crowdfunding campaign running on Rockethub, check it out at
We have started a crowdfunding campaign, check it out at
Hey everyone. Avatars should be working again. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. ♫
Hey guys - we are looking into the avatar problem. Please bear with us. Apologies. ♫
Our good friends The Mother Hips are offering a free download of their ENTIRE ALBUM "Back to the Grotto" - enjoy... ♫
@Violetta_Vox FUZZ is the new product we are releasing. FYI check out FB is required for ... ♫
Just posted an announcement about our new service called FUZZ. ♫
Special blip out to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys who passed away after a long battle with cancer. May your sp... ♫
@evablue@Anniesavoy We are asking DJs to sign up w/ FB for now, but we'll have a non-FB way to sign up shortly. ... ♫
The late and GREAT Levon Helm of The Band. May you rest in peace..." ♫
We apologize for the number of "unavailable" songs. We suspect it is a technical error and are working to fix it soon. Bare with us, please!
We are aware of the obnoxious ad interference problem...Help us locate and remove them by sending us a screenshot at please!
@iC Can you send a screenshot of the offending ad to
@purewaves It's possible that the files are no longer hosted on Grooveshark? E-mail for more detailed tech support.
@_tikal @SM0KEAL0T Can't say much at the moment, but stay tuned. It's damn cool if we may say so ourselves.
@scott_hn Sorry about this :-( We are at the mercy of 3rd-party sites for file hosting. New product coming soon where this won't be an prob!
@jenfromhell Sorry about the inconvenience. Can you send a screen shot of the offending pop up commercial to
@robt_richlinski Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you send us a screenshot of the offending ad to
We believe we've been hacked. Sorry for any spam tweets you may have received from us. We've acted to solve the problem — hope it works.
Support fellow blipper @steveshelley of Sonic Youth in his project with Disappears ♫

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