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And here I find myself again not realizing I'm being a shitty person
People can be so blind sometimes when they look at themselves
Hate when people selectively answer texts
Deja vu is always bad...
Been a while since I cried..
Days when I don't hang out feel so long.... somebody hit me up and save me !!
Lonely adventure of the guy always out with his friends
Wish I has room to do so many activities. I could do so many
I vow to never work at another sandwhich place
People have feelings. I'm people too ya know
Sometimes I think. Is it because of me
I feel like I always have to be with friends to have a sane life
When I feel like talking to people I get responses that usually feel like ending phrases. Am I thinking to much. Feeling annoying&unwanted
I guess this is what i get
Sigh lonely day when I know my friends are hangning out. Its not like they're obligated to always be with me #bleh
I just feel fucking shut down. Just cause the fact I'm me.
My blood feels like its on fire and going 1000 mph
This makes me wanna kick your fucking face in
Everyone my age is out doing something and I'm just sitting hete cause I have a fuckinng curfew at 20 years old
I think I should just stay away from people. Maybe after a while they'll wanna hit me up. Or not

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