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Bleep Drum kits are 20% off at @sparkfun! https://t.co/xPhjvb49VY
RT @ftrain: What the everlasting hell are we supposed to do with this nightmare circus of infinite fuck?
@tofucore No. We need people like you around.
Fixed up a few nice prophet-600s @SwitchedOnTX @ Switched On https://t.co/YOpeDLf56s
🔜#glitchsafari https://t.co/qP9cVqZEhz
Getting ready for tomorrow's dadageek intro to Arduino class using the pjrc teensy 3.2 https://t.co/D7vtcoaETG
Finishing touches for tomorrow's SoundSpace show at @blantonmuseum https://t.co/WWyRuPnnpe
I'm excited to be a part of SoundSpace at @blantonmuseum this Sunday! https://t.co/SN7MsN68QI
Ahh the good stuff https://t.co/pfJkZqmVm1
Getting ready tomorrow's show w @daedelus_music https://t.co/lUvGPxZ6uo
Here's another example device I made for my upcoming dadageek workshop. There is still time to… https://t.co/lmwulRawwZ
NPR-CORDER @SwitchedOnTX https://t.co/JCMCi9WDmD
@tofucore ⚡️💜♒️🤖♒️💜⚡️
Want to learn how to make devices like this one? Come to my new workshop series that starts next… https://t.co/q8t2ORD24I
I'll be doing visuals for @Daedelus Sunday at @drafthouse Ritz. That sentence has a lot of my favorite things in it. https://t.co/O0Ma2r2xR3
Bleep Labs is having a garage sale this weekend. Someone come buy this robot head. https://t.co/qGb2U42ubi
RT @PaulStoffregen: Teensy 3.5/3.6 KS is likely to sell out. Please share with anyone who'd want to get in on this first batch. https://t.…
Want to learn how to make all kinds of light and sound devices with Dr. Bleep? Checkout my new… https://t.co/h5uJMuXlCl
I'm going to be teaching at Dadageek. A new school here in Austin that offers project-focused classes in tech art. https://t.co/D1Qq5pqRyT
Blink drum https://t.co/bDXHBZO4m7

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