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@jennygriffin123 ACE hardware because those folks are SO helpful.
Humor is a delivery mechanism for truth. Jerry Lewis was a great man.
@jschim @darrenrovell @jack I gave the same "gift" to Facebook in 2013.
@niket @jack Before. 164 South Park
@qcheur Measure twice, cut once.
All fixed. It was mainly a problem of the wires holding up the substantial vines failing due to rotten wood. Done and dusted!
I love this photo I took March 13, 2008. Jack and I were ready to work, but…
The fence broke. I get to use my power drill!
SO happy @PodSaveAmerica and @SquareCash support @DonorsChoose! Get the Cash App and unlock $5 for a teacher:
@gshellen My wife say I'm "manswering" whenever I just go ahead and answer a questions I know very little about.
@erikfinman If everyone could understand we're all in this together, and our differences make us stronger, we could…
I know it's far, but this image is a reminder of how lucky we are to be here.
"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
@derrickbranford I've been wearing jeans and a t-shirt since I was a kid. You mean my dark green windbreaker?
@henkjanbijmolt I am! Can't make everyone happy.
@RoshanNindrai I am an investor in!
RT @katiebisbee: How @DonorsChoose is helping the 1 in 5 students in the U.S. living in poverty (thank you, @biz and @livia!):…
@nelson Oh yeah full time. I was thrown right into the deep end! Thanks for your kind words.
I intend to write more in depth but just so you know—I LOVE being back at Twitter full time! #LoveWhereYouWork
@LeeJay17s @Brad_Hoddy @jack @Twitter No lethargy here!

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