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An airbag for bikes (no helmet required). Very cool indeed. Anyone seen a safety comparison?
Excellent short video re oil sand process/impact. via @sleurig
RT @runlolarun: For-profit museums probably should not make me this livid, but they do. Looking at you, Tea Party Museum.
Will this offset the use of batteries b4 it's obsolete? RT @greeneconpost: Solar-Powered Charger for the Apple iPhone
RT @WorldBank: How to get from 1 billion cars to 1 billion bicycles?
2 bad US eco regs don't apply RT @ArsMashableTC: Royal Society: fracking is safe, as along as regulated
Yeah, let's b clear. RT @BarackObama: Corporations aren't people. Help win this election the right way:
RT @lifehacker: Have food allergies? Love eating out? This app can show you if what you want to order is safe to eat:
Go breadpots! It's your birthday! @breadpots #bread #baking
Well now we know. RT @BlockNYTimes: This Twitter account is now owned by Anonymous.
All that time spent on a little crab fishing boat… RT @grist: Diesel exhaust causes cancer, says the WHO
RT @greeneconpost: The A+ Myth of Sustainability Reporting: Stop the Hype #csr
Go Ohio! RT @loopdesk: Starbucks Turns to Ohio, Not China, for Coffee Mugs
rt @sleurig More than half of US children get subsidized lunches. Now maybe it's time to feed them something healthy.
Study shows organics and some conventional produce cheaper at farmer's markets than at neighboring stores
Farmers markets are cheaper than supermarkets!!!! Thanks for the tip, @tosci #prices #organic #local
RT @LukeSteadman: I found this interesting Lawsuit accuses New Balance of false walking shoe ads -
RT @ShoestringGal: The most powerful element in advertising is the truth. William Bernbach
RT @plough_shares: Medical program still dealing with legacy of #nuclear weapons development in Ohio. #armscontrol
Florida's Natural brand orange juice commercial: a bunch of happy white people picking oranges... #hypocricy

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