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RT @NewForestBnB: RT @SueAckroydsea: #HistoricCoast this was taken at Milford on Sea, Hampshire.
@nettachristie can you confirm a booking for shadbolt @ 11 please?
@nettachristie ok can you confirm you have a booking for shadbolt @ 11? Many thanks
@nettachristie is the 10 o'clock tram not running today?
@Nandamax I'm not saying anything ;-)
@Nandamax the boys a poser :-)
"@Mosel2013: Outside ready to go" + looking a bit embarrassed!!
@Mosel2013 ooohhhh tell Dan to bring me some CHOCOLAAATTE back!! Mmmmm chocolate ;-)
RT @Mosel2013: It's thirsty work!
@Mosel2013 looks like you are all having a great time - we're enjoying the updates and funny photos!!!
RT @Mosel2013: Ferry fabulous
@ChrisMoylesShow you are welcome at our little village judo club anytime - we also sell penny sweets at the end ;-)
@ahj you can come to our little village judo club anytime, you'll learn far more there than the olympics and we sell penny sweets at the end
Wow that was a long day at work and it'll be an early start tomorrow but enjoying every minute
@ChloeShadboltxx well done for finishing your exams, you'll have plenty of time on your hands to tidy your room now :-)
Thank crunchie it's Friday
On the train back from LGW soon be home :D
@danshadbolt43 charming ;-) xx
@danshadbolt43 have you missed me??? :-) xx
Waiting in the bar in Valencia for my flight. Can't wait to get home and see the family but not looking forward to the British weather :-(

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