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Looking forward to @TWG's holiday party tonight. It's always a blast 🙂🎉
“News that makes me ask myself if I’m in the band Sugar Ray and I just don’t know it yet” by @mathowie
RT @realm: One thing ⌚OS forgot: Tests! 😰 So how do we make sure we're writing good code? @neonacho has the workaround:…
@emmettsfitz Thanks so much for all of your hard work on @99piorg. I'm fairly new to it, but it's quickly become a favourite.
RT @dantoml: PSA: If you shit on a thing without providing constructive ways in which it could be better, you are actively hurting everyone…
If there’s one thing that’s helped me, it’s making a public commitment to getting shit done.
Incredibly beautiful. LightMasonry is a piece featuring 48 computer-controlled lights inside York Minster.…
RT @andreacrofts: @TWG #design team, unite! If you're a #productdesigner, we're hiring! Come make digital things as #BADA55 as we are https…
You're only entitled to the work; not the results.
Loved this week's episode of 99% Invisible, all about guano, U.S. expansion, and a marine reserve.…
@MacmeDan I found it here, but it's just an Imgur image:
RT @Evan_McMullin: A fact you won't hear from Trump: automation has caused 85% of manufacturing job losses in the US. Not trade. https://t.…
"I want to do little projects with you."
RT @jasondoesstuff: But that's exactly what it takes to write a book. That's actually exactly what it takes to DO anything. Just get the fi…
Em dashes are cool — you should overuse them, like I do.
How did I not know about Softcover ( before? What a great tool/platform for publishing eboo…
RT @amyhoy: searching for a business model? here's one: create value, charge money. :)
RT @levie: 96 Amazon: No one will shop offline again! 06: Most people won't shop offline! 16: Ok you seem to like stores, but they'll be on…
RT @_cingraham: 1966: The dog ate my homework 2016: There's a SWAT team outside my house

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Co-Founder/Developer - @taskave, Creator of @TTCupdates and Doors Open Mobile. Interactive Developer at Espresso.

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