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What is one recent trend in tax administration you have noticed?
Washington Examiner, Oprah Talks to Piers Morgan About Paying Taxes: Its a Tequila Signing Ceremony
Times, Oprah Winfrey Tells Piers Morgan She Hates Writing Checks to the IRS
Thinking Like, S Corps HelpOwners Save on Taxes:John Edwards Saved $600k With HisS Corp
Tethering an employers’ payroll tax holiday to a targeted employees’ payroll tax holiday
Sullivan: The Mortgage Deduction Heavily Favors Blue States
New York City Charges Alec Baldwin With Evading Tax on Residents
LSAT Test-Takers Down 10%, Law School Applications Down 12%
Loyola is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its tax LLM program
Lederman Presents Deference to Tax Regs and Rulings Issued During Litigation Today at Florida
Lawmakers in 4 States [HI, ME, NY, WI] Want to Make Tax ReformMore Difficult
IRS Releases App for iPhone, Android SmartPhones
Fulbright & Jaworski Receives Janet Spragens Pro Bono Award
Forbes, Lawyer Asks: Why Is National Hot Rod Association Tax-Exempt?
Court Gives IRS Rare Win in 'John Edwards Sub S Tax Shelter' Case
Caplin & Drysdale Shifts Tax-Exempt Guns to NASCAR-Rival
Book: Elite Law School Ideas Are ‘Catastrophically Bad for America’
Accounting Today, Oprah Hates Writing Checks to the IRS
ABA Journal, Book Argues Ideas Hatched in Law Schools Are ‘Catastrophically Bad for America’
Update:: Accounting for Businesses 101

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