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@MOEducation, some teachers at a school in our district said kids w/iep accom. for multiplication chart can use it on MAP. Is that true?
They are all senseless and foolish; they are taught by worthless wooden idols. Jer. 10:8, today's verse
Once again, not good enough.
Disappointed in @SDCAttractions this Christmas. Can't use friend passes on Saturdays, show times are strange,etc. glad no season pass nxt yr
"You're not waking Katie up until all the bacon is gone!" Yes, exactly my plan. Good job for figuring it out.
Make one person happy, or ten??? No brainier for me.
I hate bending over backwards for one person. I am much more of a "please the majority," type of person.
I am so glad there's quite a bit I distance. Can't stand these...
It was a wonderful day spent with family. Love the laughter the most! It's not my favorite holiday, but I treasure every moment of it!
"We live, we love. These are the choices we are given, to open doors or to close them. It is all we have, & it is enough." -The Time Between
The kid asked to go sleep in the bedroom, but he has to lay down in the living room because.......
Ranking of favorite holidays: 1. Halloween, 2. Easter, 3. Fourth of July, 4. New Years, 5. Thanksgiving, 6. Christmas
And I don't like this holiday because of all the people trying to out-do each other in order to make people like them better.
Part one of least favorite holiday is done! I love the idea of Christmas, but hate how much money is wasted on unappreciative people.
Future Christmas with my kids will be small, with the focus on family and the birth of our Savior. It's not just about presents and food.
Christmas is nice because of family time, but it's not my favorite holiday because of the extreme excess.
Stocking stuffers left at home, moms crying...I'm frustrated that it's such a big deal. My eternal optimism strikes again!
The reason I'm so positive is that I know things can always be worse.
The dependence on me for financial sustenance, the thought that I want to do everything just like her. Ugh. Can't take it. #wannagohome
The helplessness, the tone of voice, the moodiness, the same things retold over and over. It was high time to move on.

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