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@DavidEtter Can you try accessing the app again (you may want to reboot your iPhone first if you haven't recently) - LMK if that's a fix!
@DavidEtter Hey David - sorry it's giving you trouble. We're checking out your issue right now. More soon!
NEW beamME Live for iPhone launches, answers the question "Who *Should* I Meet Nearby?" using AI and Game Mechanics:
Funware & Game Mechanics: Jesse Schell's Facebook Talk at DICE 2010:
Web devs/producers: learn how to add games to your site. @gzicherm 's eBook is on sale for only $15: Code dotd0221tw.
@HeatherActon78 Hi Heather - thanks for checking out beamME. LMK if you have questions. When is the mom2momsummit? Sounds like fun!
The SuperBowl is an amazing business platform: billions of dollars in value are created in a single Sunday...the scale is impressive.
Working on the campaign for the next version of beamME. It's fun fun fun!
Sid Meier Keynote, Major New Lectures Announced For #GDC 2010. Save up to 35% off conference passes before Feb 4.
If you haven't watched the Obama - Republican House Q&A, you really should. It's inspiring.
The target for the iPad is the boomer+ generation. @TechCrunch agrees:
Bankruptcy: where you put your money in your pants pocket and give your coat to your creditors. - Joey Adams via @Productweetity
As an author of an upcoming book - - I'm super freakin excited about the #iPad & #iBook 's potential!
I think we should try and take a mental break before the #apple #tablet announcement occupies the whole afternoon. :)
The most relevant games industry issues for 2010! #CasualConnect Europe-Hamburg: February 10-12.
Spent the whole day working on beamME 4.0 and sundry...not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday!
Weekend tweets seem different to me...fewer in qty, higher in quality. Less spam. Am I wrong?
@Phumo Ah, as a presentation device is a great idea for the #apple #tablet
I'm excited about the #apple tablet, but I'm not 100% sure how I would use it, personally. Thoughts?
Want to hear more about beamME and Gabe (its founder)? Watch Gabe's BigThink Profile Video:

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