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House Freedom Caucus leaders back new health-care plan stating, "oh that's what 'let them eat cake' means." https://t.co/uNoWb9IgaC
@jakey12 Try chanting it at a campaign rally.
@jakey12 @nytimes @spaydl You mean you could get through the article? I could barely get past that animated gif.
RT @whatwouldDOOdo: I couldn't make it to the #MarchForScience today but check out this sine I made https://t.co/OmYEmpDgDM
I'd like to see Adam Rosales slide into home and then do a cartwheel after a sprinting home run trot. @Athletics
@cifip Really funny. Sweet. Well done.
RT @Athletics: We are here. We are Oakland. A ballpark site in Oakland will be announced later this year. #RootedInOakland https://t.co/7Zg…
.@BrockmireIFC and @Detroiters make me pretty happy about television
Hey remeber that Russian connection and tax thing? Let's stay focused people. #Trumprussia #trump #TaxMarch
RT @officialSpzd: https://t.co/xN5qhj838M
@natelyman Cool! Yeah I'd like that. Glad you guys are killing it!
@natelyman Nice! You know Portland is a good place to have an office. Just sayin'. 😉
@natelyman The new team stores in Oakland that I heard were merched by Fanatics are really good though.
@natelyman Excellent! Been waiting a week for my A's gear.
@natelyman is @Fanatics only distribution center in Jacksonville?
@tedr Yup. But they're Miller Lites, so maybe he's watching his health more these days.
Saw Guided By Voices tonight at the Doug Fir. Wondering if Robert Pollard just wants to die on stage. https://t.co/LgCDhIFS3b
RT @USseriously: Judging by Trump's latest tweets, we really got to him. 😏🐔So, here's some more pics of yesterday's Tax Marches. This was t…
@MarcelTheCritic Momentarily
@eanagel @PCS_Armory It was so good dude! @BlitzenTrapper

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Surviving Lung Cancer. Neversmoker. Work for eBay Mobile. Product Manager by design. I start things up. I play the theremin. http://about.me/davidbeach

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